Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Day at the Nursery

Hello Everyone,
It was another beautiful day at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore.  Blue sky, sunshine, and a room full of wonderful quilters.

Sue and I took a brief break in "our thrones" at the nursery.

While we were eating our lunch, the Alden Lane staff came into the classroom and decorated the walls with quilts in preparation for the show this weekend.  Sue's class was a huge success.  Visit her blog HERE to see more pictures of her day of teaching.

Here's just a mini sample of the 200+ quilts that will be on display around the nursery both inside and outside.

The featured artist this year is Sandy Klop from American Jane.

I'll leave you today with these wonderful sayings posted on the oak trees.

Today is a free day for us.  We are planning a picnic at a winery and a general rest and recoup day.  Tonight I'm going to prepare a home-cooked meal for Sue.  We've been so busy I haven't had any time to spend in the kitchen.....until today!

Quilts are our art, our passion, our obsession and part of our circle of life. Our circle just got bigger and now includes a new friend called Sue.



  1. Enjoy your time off - Sandy Klopp, oh my have I missed a great event. Look at all the lovelies and super signs.

  2. Please ask Sue if she could carefully fold up quilt number 170 (the beautiful Feathered Star) and bring it back to England for me. It would just look so right at home here ...

  3. Have a great picnic!
    Seeing your pictures...I'm so sorry that I will miss the show this year. It promises again to be a great one :)

  4. I see M' Ladies are quite happy in their court today...and I spy Lady Gail amongst the revelers as well!
    Oh those wise old Oaks...what tales they have to tell!

  5. Hope you two ladies enjoyed your picnic.

  6. Every year I say this will be the year I get to Alden Lane for the quilt show, but this year it is on our nursery's Fall Sale so no taking time off for me...maybe next year or maybe I will just have to sign up for a class. My sister lives in San Ramon so I have a place to stay. Sure looks fun!