Monday, September 23, 2013

The 3rd Saturday in September

Hello Everyone,
The 3rd Saturday in September is a Save The Date Day as it's the special day for the quilt show in Georgetown, CA where I will be the featured artist again next year! We packed up two cars and headed to the show on Friday.  We stayed at the American River Inn, a fabulous B & B located in downtown Georgetown.

The Needle Nellies graciously provided a room upstairs for Mr. Joe and me.  My sister Gail and my friend Yvonne stayed downstairs.  Our feather bed was up so high we needed a pole vault to reach it!  There was a little step stool on my side of the bed for easy access.  When the alarm went off at 5am, I sprang out of bed and almost missed the step on my way to shut it off. No worries, my ankle is fine now.

Here's our cute bathroom complete with a claw foot tub.


 The Inn is loaded with charm and I recommend it highly. 

This was the front balcony just outside of our room.  This was also the last time we saw the sun.

Here is my hero Mr. Joe and me in my favorite red plaid chair in the sitting room.  He packed the cars, he drove, he unpacked the cars and listened to me snore all the way up to the mountains!

Here's a picture of my friend Yvonne and my sister Gail.  Their help was immeasurable.  I couldn't have done this without you girls!

We headed out at 5pm to meet up with the Needle Nellies at Camp Virner for dinner.  So many of them joined us for a wonderful evening.  Around the dinner table we discussed the possibility of moving the outdoor quilt show indoors as rain was predicted.  It was a good call on their part to move it indoors as it not only poured.......buckets.

We met up with the Nellies at the Community Center at 7am Saturday morning.  I didn't bring too many "props" as I was expecting to have the quilts on display as they were last year outside in the kiosk.  We turned this pile of quilts and bins into.........

......this......a cute and welcoming booth.  The quilts that were going to be hanging, quickly turned into tablecloths.

Clothespins worked their magic with October Magic and before we knew it, we were ready for the show to begin!

Butterscotch Baskets is my largest quilt, and it quickly covered up a storage unit.  Mr. Joe brought up some of his items made from wine barrels.  The ruler holders were a hit along with the Bark-a-Lounger....a dog bed.

There's my Patchwork Math book displayed on an upside down picnic basket.

We brought the grids with us to display all of the patterns. 

Here's one of my Nostalgic pillows.

Winterset....see what I mean about the clothes pins coming in handy?

Harvest of Hope was a big's just the perfect time of year for this quilt.

Here's my friend Barbara doing her impression of Vanna White.  Barbara's version of Toyland Tree was the hit of my booth and it deserved to be showcased at center stage.

I want to thank Yvonne, Gail and Mr. Joe for helping me.  Their creativity, good nature, and go-with-the-flow attitude made the day a great deal of fun.

A huge thank you goes out from me to all of the Needle Nellies for giving me this opportunity to be your featured artist.  You 18 girls are the BEST!  You made all of us feel that we are part of the Needle Nellie family and we are looking forward to seeing you next year on the 3rd Saturday in September.

I'll post part two of the quilt show tomorrow.  You won't believe how many quilts the 18 ladies made during the year.



  1. Wow - what a wonderful B&B - glad your ankle healed quickly after jumping off the bed (wink)! Are you sure that isn't a photo of Mr. Joe on the wall above you two in the chair in a past life? He looks pretty good in a Napolean hat! How wonderful of both Mr. Joe and Gail and Yvonne to provide so much support! Sure wish we could have been there, Lynn!

  2. Wonderful setup. You and your helpers did a great job displaying everything.

    Patchwork Math arrived in my mailbox from In Between Stitches today. I am so excited to have my hands on it!

  3. Both the b and b and your display look great.