Saturday, September 28, 2013

Driving Lessons

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was our first day that Quilt Sue and I could really relax and enjoy each other's company.  After we went to a quilting and sewing exposition, we packed up a picnic lunch and went to a local winery.

Our 6-year-old grandson Jess, and his Mom and Dad came over for dinner and had the pleasure of meeting Sue. Jess thought it would be a good idea to give her driving lessons......on his remote-controlled boats.

I don't want to say that she failed miserably......but Jess was driving rings around her.

Speaking of driving, we put Sue up front in the passenger seat for all of our little trips around town.  Our passenger seat is the equivalent to her being in the drivers seat at home.  I love to sit in the back and watch her flinch when Mr. Joe makes a left-hand turn.  She stomps on the brakes very well sometimes!  No screams yet, the Brits are very good at controlling their emotions.

Lots of excitement is in store for today.  We are headed out early to set up the In Between Stitches booth for Quilting in the Garden.  Sue will get a chance to wander through the nursery and gaze at the 200+ quilts hanging from the oak trees before her Pick Four book signing begins at 11am. 

More excitement tomorrow too.  Nancy from Nancie Anne Quilts will be joining us for a few days.  Nancy is driving down from Idaho......with their goats.  I leave you to ponder that!  Check out Nancy's blog if you are a bit curious.



  1. Nancie Anne said her daughter's goats are Royalty. You must serve tea and crumpets when they met the visiting Queen. lol

  2. I'm laughing at imagining Sue's face - sitting in the 'drivers seat' without a steering wheel in front of you takes a little getting used to :}

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, long may it continue.

  3. Hilarious!! You two are having way too much fun!!

  4. I are having way too much fun! Maybe Sue should visit the winery before every trip in the car! I bet you are loving every minute! Thinking of you both...and now imagining the two of you with the goat herder...what a trio!

  5. You two are having the best time! I have to laugh about poor Sue in the passenger seat! I find it similar to crossing the streets in the UK - thank goodness there are large letters on the pavement telling you which way to look!

  6. All seems to be going great and that weather looks beautiful.
    I can understand about driving on the wrong side of the road, as the only time of been in the US I nearly got run over, because I forgot about the difference. Take care and enjoy.