Thursday, September 19, 2013

Townhouse Gardens Fabric

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday, Mr. Joe and I took a drive to Prairie Queens in San Jose.  I love this shop! Debbie, April and Eli make me feel so welcome. It's my home away from In Between Stitches home shop. I even signed one autograph while I was there. Thank you for asking Jeanette! 
I wanted to pick up a few of my quilts to take with me to the Georgetown show.  October Magic looked so good displayed in the window surrounded by some great Fall fabric collections.

Speaking of great fabric collections, Townhouse Gardens by Paula Barnes came home with me.  I didn't buy it all.....they have more of these wonderful bundles!

I love the maroon and blue combined together.

Upon our return home, I started making some parallel geese for my class next week at Quilting in the Garden.  This is one of the quilting components that I'm demonstrating in class.  I was double-checking my class binder and discovered that I hadn't made these yet for class.  I didn't have this task on my to-do list!

This is a versatile component that makes a nice border and incorporates beautifully into a block design.

Speaking of design components, the Patchwork Math book is now available at In Between Stitches and Prairie Queens.  Or, you can send an email to and I'll mail one to you personally. 

Today is my last day to prepare for the Georgetown quilt show.  My living room is full of "stuff" to take.  I've been relying heavily on my to-do list each day and I'm glad to say my list is dwindling down to almost nothing.  Once I get into the car tomorrow, I'll probably fall promptly asleep!  Poor Mr. Joe isn't going to have a brilliant conversationalist along for the ride.  Maybe he'll think this is a good thing???



  1. Those are gorgeous fabrics! I am on a fabric diet - oh so tempting.

  2. Have a wonderful show!!! Rest is a good thing!! Hope you get caught up!! What a peach Mr. Joe is!!! Sounds like a keeper!!

    Lovely, lovely fabrics!

    Hugs and blessings!

  3. Oh arent they gorgeous fabrics? Have a great show and I'll see you in a few days.