Friday, September 20, 2013

Headed to Georgetown

Hello Everyone,
This pile of quilts along with three more that we are picking up at shops along the way are heading to the Georgetown Quilt Show.

Leslie and Melissa took all of my quilts down from display at the shop yesterday.  Leslie said it was like getting a divorce!  The girls will get custody of the quilts for the next show which will be Quilting in the Garden next weekend, and Pacific International Quilt Festival in October.  The quilts are "well adjusted" and don't mind spending time will all their different parents!  Everyone takes good care of them.

The patterns are printed and stuffed in their protective plastic.  The books are packed.  I have large plastic bins filled with product from the shop.  Everything on my quilt show list is sitting on my living room floor just waiting to be carried to the car.  Mr. Joe is going to have to carry me to the car.......good luck with THAT!



  1. I hope you have a good trip and a successful show.

  2. Wishing you fun and lots of success at the show! I went to one near Philly yesterday, lots of fun for me.

  3. Have a great time at the show, I bet you sell out of patterns!

  4. Just got caught up here, Lynn! I guess the excitement begins shortly! I hope you have a great time and your quilts will get so much wonderful exposure!

  5. Have a great time and hope your quilts enjoy all the oohing and ahhing they will get! You are one talented lady!