Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Classroom Was A Rockin'

Hello Everyone,

If it's Tuesday this must be  If it's the 2nd Tuesday of the month, this must be the Sew'n Wild Oaks class at In Between Stitches! There, now that I've go that straightened out, it's time to show you what all of the girls were working on yesterday.

Cindy's  Nostalgic Christmas pillow using the new Season's Greeting centers will be a wonderful addition to her Christmas decorations this year.  Cindy made this at a retreat last weekend.

Now we have a parade of The House on Edgewood Lane blocks by the "Valley Girls".  Four friends, two of them sisters, drove a fair distance from the Central Valley to attend my class.  I appreciate it girls!  They are all working on the same quilt, at the same time.

Here are Susan's beautiful blocks. Susan is new to quilting and she's a natural at it when it comes to putting her colors and blocks together.

Lisa is working on Mary's appliqued center. Mary likes to piece and Lisa enjoys the applique process.  This sounds and looks like a match made in heaven.  Two friends helping each other out.

I was behind the 8-ball camera and didn't get a picture of Charlotte's blocks that are all finished.  They were wonderful.  Next time Charlotte, your blocks will be on display....if not the whole quilt!

Here are Mary's blocks for her Edgewood Lane quilt.  We all loved the block with the red and white stripe. Great colors, great job.  All of the Valley Girls have great attention to detail.

Gail is still loving For the Love of Baskets.  She is having a great time pulling her colors together from Civil War fabrics to pastels.....they all work in her little baskets.  Just look at her perfect points!  They get my highest stamp of approval.

Susan C is working on Butterscotch Baskets for her daughter.  This quilt is going to be so attractive made with the fabrics that fill her blue bag.  I'm enjoying watching her quilt come together.

Now we have the Toyland Tree parade of blocks.  First we have Kathy's cute little elephant block.

She is making her own tatting to add to her stocking.  Look at the embellishments!  I'm so impressed.

Evelynne is finishing her little panda bear.  Evelynne is my "bling" lady and I'm sure this little guy will be showcasing some bling the next time you see him.
Judy is taking the finishing stitches on her little guy.  Judy always adds embellishments and I'm looking forward to see her special touches.  Soon, you will be seeing some finished quilts because these girls are on a mission to finish!

Isabelle is working on her Winterset quilt.  She had a pile of finished blocks all in beautiful shades of blue and cream.....gorgeous.

Paula, what can I say about sweet Paula.  She thinks you are all tired of seeing her little hexie flowers so she is either trying to cover them up, or she's tired of making them....maybe a little bit of both.  Paula you are almost finished!  You have persistence my friend.

What a day we had in the full classroom.  Next time I will be better about getting pictures of all the projects. Girls you all "ROCK!"  Thank you so much for the fantastic day.


  1. Thank you, Lynn!!
    It's always a joy to be there...and thank you for the lessons!

    Have a great time in Georgetown!!

  2. My, oh, My! There goes another day or serious sewing, Lynn! The gals all have terrific work there - and I for one am not tired of Paula's hexies (wink)!