Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No Quilting.....Only Working

Hello Everyone,
I didn't want you to think I've dropped off the face of the earth, so I thought I should explain what I've been doing over the past few days.  The producer from The Quilt requested I send pictures to her.  I have compiled a list of the pictures she wants, and I'm slowly making my way through the list.  I'm swapping out all of the quilts at the cabin, and hanging only my designs.

This meant that we had to dust off all of the logs first. I can't believe the amount of dust that collects in every nook and cranny along with spider webs!  Our spiders are so big, I wouldn't want to be matched up with them in an arm wrestling contest!  I would surely lose.

The producer also wanted pictures of my sewing room, studio sounds to pretentious to me for my space.  My sewing room is the largest of the smaller bedrooms in the house.  I took everything out of the pie safe and refolded and reorganized with the help of my oldest granddaughter.  My granddaughter thinks I'm one yard of fabric away from being a hoarder! (If you saw the closet, you would understand.)  I'm feeling much more organized now....I just won't open the closet door.

During all of this cleaning and reorganization, my old laptop bit the dust big time.  It has been limping along for the past for months and finally gave up the ghost......just when I needed it the most.  I was tired of giving money to The Geek Squad to keep it running, so I broke down and bought a new computer.  It took me hours to restore all my files and get up and running.  I'm happy now, poorer, but happier.

Now we are getting ready for company over the Memorial Day weekend.  I'm going to go fishing with my son and grandson, and put quilting, preparation for The Quilt Show and everything else on hold until Monday.  This is going to be "my time".....unless I can't help myself and make a few blocks for something!

Thank you to everyone that entered the quilt naming contest.  I have lots of great entries.  It is going to be hard for Zinnie to decide on the best name.



  1. I love the way the quilts look against the logs. So lovely.

  2. You have certainly earned this family weekend Lynn!!
    Hope the fish are biting :D

  3. Your home looks very warm and inviting . Have fun fishing :-)

  4. What a cozy retreat! Dont work too hard!

  5. After all that dusting and spider wrangling, the Quilt Show ought to come tape at the cabin, Lynn! Too bad about your laptop - but I'm glad you have a new one and your files restored! Have a great Memorial weekend!

  6. I can relate to the dust. Our old house is a super big ole dust bowl. I think that the age, living in farmland there are times there is dust that I think is from the civil war. Oh we have the spiders too! Have a great weekend fishing.