Thursday, May 1, 2014

Emilie Elizabeth is Officially a Flimsy

Hello Everyone,
It took me awhile to get to this flimsy point.  The basket of flowers came together quickly.

I knew exactly what fabrics I wanted to use.  I also knew that I wanted some nice open space for machine quilting.

I got out my Patchwork Math book and calculated the size I needed to make the flying geese and the rick rack looking parallel geese, and liked the end result.

The baskets came together quickly and I was happy with them. The square in a square fit right in the mix.  But I became obsessed and stumped with the final borders.

I started to make lots of blocks that looked like this.  I made 10 of them.

I tested them out as the final border and they seemed to overwhelm the quilt.....and me.

After setting the quilt aside for weeks, this idea occurred to me.  A much simpler border that frames the quilt and sets the inside of the quilt off nicely.....I think.  Now it is ready for my Handi Quilter and it will be prominently featured on The Quilt during the taping of my episode next month.

I'm happy with my first medallion quilt, Emilie Elizabeth, named in tribute to my maternal Grandmother Emilie Elizabeth Ross.  Grandma introduced me to quilting when I was very little.  She sparked a passion in me and I'm forever grateful to her.

This quilt is also going to be a Block of the Month offered through In Between Stitches.  If you are interested in signing up for the BOM, go HERE and let the shop know.  The finished size is 78" x 78". I'll also let you know when the pattern is ready.  My friend and pattern tester Barbara is making her quilt in 1930's fabrics.  I can't wait to see what she does with it! 

Other than working on borders, I've been raking pine needles.  It is going to be a brutal fire season in California, and we want to have our lot slick as a whistle!  The cabin is located on a beautiful lot, but it is all downhill.....or uphill when you are behind the wheelbarrow.  I actually don't mind doing yard work, but this hill is providing waaaayyyy tooooo much exercise!  Maybe today I'll do less raking and more quilting......oh that sounds so good.



  1. Love this, I think the more simple outer border was a great choice. (Now I wonder what you will do with those left out blocks though - anything in store for them?). 30's prints sound like a good idea so I look forward to seeing that version. I have a big tub of 30's prints that need a project.

  2. I agree tha quilt is beautiful.....and tha plain border is perfect....

  3. Yes, you made a good choice on the border. It brings everything together and lets your eyes focus on that beautiful center. Love it!

  4. It is the beautiful tribute I always knew it would be. Now I'm looking forward to seeing it frosted! You took your own advice, the same you gave to me. Finish it with simple borders where lots of feathers can be quilted!
    I love those stars...sure hope to see them utilized in your next greatest inspiration ever! Would they go with that wonderful log cabin border you posted a long time ago? I so loved that!

  5. Lovely quilt, great colors, and what a nice tribute to your grandmother.

  6. It's stunning, Lynn and I bet it will be a very popular BOM! Hey - have you tried Mr. Squash's trick of using a blower to rake? It even works wonders on dry snow!

  7. Another gorgeous quilt and lovely tribute.

  8. PERFECTION !!!!! This is going to be a very popular BOM ! Everyone is going to want to make it ;-)

    I also you the blower instead of a rake. It is alot easier

  9. Wow , this is a show stopper , simply gorgeous !

  10. That is just beautiful. Take care.

  11. Yay Finishers! My goal over these next few days is to finish something and clear some space on my design wall...if only the house would clean itself, the meals would cook themselves and the garden plant itself!