Monday, April 28, 2014

More Quilting Components

Hello Everyone,
I'm making more components but I'm not stitching them together just yet.

This time I started with 8 parallel geese, 4 HST in a triangle, and 1 square in a square.

I ended up with all of these combinations.  It almost seems endless, twisting and turning all of the components every which way.  There are a couple of combinations I probably wouldn't use.  It is fun to see what is possible.

It would be fun to make the same components using different color combinations to see what I come up with.....tomorrow......maybe tomorrow.  Since I'm working with components for a 9" block, I can always borrow some of the components from my other blocks and double, if not triple the combinations.  Can you tell I like puzzles?



  1. Isn't it just amazing how many combinations you can make with just a few turns!?

  2. I love the hearts in the corners of block one. So Cute. There are two layouts that I want to reach into the screen and play with...that quilt along may not be coming soon enough!!!!

  3. OMG - the possibilities are endless, Lynn!

  4. So many combinations ! How fun !