Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
Enjoy this basket of flowers that Judy created for her  Harvest of Hope while sipping your coffee, or tea this morning.  My girls have been working hard and, as always, they are doing an outstanding job!

There is so much detail in each and every applique block with just the right amount of embellishment.

Isabelle is tracing her pattern directly on to interfacing.  She lays the interfacing on top of her fabric, then gently positions each prepared applique piece in exactly the right spot.

Suzanne showed us this method, and now we have all adopted this technique.

Bolts and bolts of new blenders just arrived in the shop and they are going to be perfect in Harvest of Hope.

Susan is on her last section of 3D Noughts and Crosses.....almost done!

Kathy has all of her applique blocks completed for Toyland Tree.  She started working on her border yesterday.

Barbara, Gail and Kaye have all become basket cases while they make hundred of little baskets for their For the Love of Baskets quilt.

Gail's pile is growing!

Barbara B. is making pillows for her Butterscotch Baskets quilt.

Stayed tuned for details on how you can become part of the Sew'n Wild Oaks group every month.  I'm still getting my thoughts together on just what I plan to do and how I'm going to do it.  As of right now, it is going to involve a different techniques presented each month, both at the shop and on my blog. I think I will name it Block Academy.  More details to come in future posts.

Enjoy your day everyone.  I'll be working on my guild talk and try to get some more blocks together for my latest project.  I'm always Sew'n my Wild Oaks.



  1. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone is working on. Just Gorgeous !

  2. I can't be at the shop, so joining you on th e blog will be the next best thing, b so I'm definitely in, please.

  3. I'll be a student of the Academy when you get it going. Love Harvest of Hope's images.

  4. You are an amazing designer who spreads lots of joy! Thanks! XO

  5. I would love to be part of your class! It sounds like fun!

  6. I would love to part of the Academy......also I forgot when you are talking to the Sonora guild.....