Saturday, April 19, 2014

Patchwork Math Workshop

Hello Everyone,
As promised, pictures from the Patchwork Math workshop brought to you by the Paradise Ridge Quilters.  The girls were VERY productive!  We had a lot of material to cover, and they dug right in learning the math and making quilting components.

After our delicious lunch provided by the attendees, blocks started appearing on the design wall and at their workspace.

They all made the same components, yet the blocks all look so different! 

The girls now know the formulas to make all of these components, any size they want. 

They can make the components to design their own blocks.  Or they can use them in sashings or borders......they are only limited by their imagination.

The classroom was HUGE!  The girls had large tables with plenty of space, and excellent lighting.

There were cutting stations and 3 large ironing stations.

The girls would gather in front of the screen while I presented the step-outs for each component.

The little grey and white cobra-looking thing on the left is a document camera.  I can place the camera over my workstation and project the imagery on the screen.  The camera allows me to teach to large groups.  Everyone gets the same perspective, and the picture is vivid in a bright room.

It always helps to have an extra set of eyes and ears around the room.  Gail can make the components in her sleep, and her help was invaluable during the class.  She enjoys helping and the girls enjoyed her!

I missed getting pictures of a few of the blocks.....I'm sorry to those that were left out.  I look forward to seeing all of you again for another workshop.  You were so much fun, very creative, and a total joy.  The Paradise Guild treats their teachers like royalty, and we would both return in a heartbeat.  Our hometown is full of good people, and good quilters.  Being able to spend time with you was like coming home, and you made us feel so welcome.  Thank you all.



  1. Wow! The talent knows no bounds! I see prints that I would normally walk by being combined in the most extraordinary combinations and creating wonderful, mystical, earthy blocks! I'm inspired by these gutsy women! And you, always you...

  2. So, another good day in Paradise then?

    Your new technology stuff looks great - it must make things so much easier for both you and for your audience/students.

  3. Looks like a great class to take and love the setu-up.

  4. Yes, you girls did a terrific job with your blocks! You are a talented and creative group and you picked up on the concepts very quickly! It was fun to spend time with you all and thank you for making us feel so welcome!

  5. Looks like wonderful fun! The blocks your class produced are awesome.

  6. Wow, that document camera is brilliant!
    What fun - and how productive! - to attend one of your classes!

  7. Sure looks like a good time. And you have so many patterns now, all shown in your sidebar. Wonderful!

  8. It is amazing how different the blocks look. Thanks so much for sharing..

  9. Looks like so much fun! Wish I lived close...

  10. Each block looks so different and wonderful ! Love how you taught the class with the big screen for everyone ! Must have been so fun to be back at your hometown :-D

    Happy Easter !

  11. Those Paradise gals are fantastic, Lynn! So many different and creative versions of the same block. It must have been hard to leave!

  12. Pleeeeeeassssse come to England and teach your Patchwork Maths workshop..... Everyone's work looks so perfect.

  13. what great looking blocks from your students.