Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to the Double E - Emilie Elizabeth

Hello Everyone,

I put my guild talk aside for a day and worked on the border blocks for Emilie Elizabeth.

My design wall is too small to show you the whole quit so I will have to resort to the floor for the next time I take a picture.

I cut out enough parts and pieces and make two blocks at a time.  Maybe I should just cut all of the blocks out today, and be done with the cutting.  Cutting and applying straight borders are my least favorite quilting task.  I have yet to cut out a whole quilt at one time.  I need to have instant gratification and see a block, or a section.....anything!  I like to work in stages.  Yes, sometimes after a project has been sitting for awhile it's harder to get back into the swing, but I picked up right where I left off with this quilt.  Here is where I left off......

This quilt was a test of my Patchwork Math book by only incorporating components from my book.   This quilt is what I call "planned scrappy."  Now, I'm dreaming of making this one in a totally scrappy version by incorporating every color I have in my stash!  Well shall see......



  1. Just Gorgeous! SO glad you are back to completing this wonderful quilt !

  2. Impressive! I just scaled the full photo of E.E. on my tablet so nothing else would show and held it up for my husband to see..his immediate reaction was "is rhat Lynns?". Pretty good huh?!?!

  3. Emilie Elizabeth is looking just wonderful Lynn.
    Unlike you, I usually do all the cutting in one go, probably cos that's the bit I like least. There is a problem with doing it my way though and that's if I make a mistake and cut a whole load of pieces at 6" instead of 6 1/2" and then haven't got enough fabric to recut! Yes, that is exactly what I did the other day!

  4. Catching up here just makes my day, Lynn! My sewing withdrawal immediately goes away once I see all your precious pretties!

  5. I love your quilt. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Stumbled upon your blog and I am coming back for more. Thanks for inspiring and making the world a more beautiful place.