Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Day in Paradise

Hello Everyone,
I'm back home after spending 3 wonderful days in Paradise with the Ridge Quilters' Guild


The lecture and workshop were both  held in the Senior Center and the facility was perfect!  There was a nice, spacious, well lit room for the lecture.

The last time I was in this room was for my 25th class reunion.  I won't tell you how many decades ago that was!

When I was first contacted by two of the guild members Ann and Ginger, they asked me to speak about growing up in Paradise during the 1950's , that "double dog" dare you time in my life.  I tied the experience of living in Paradise with my career as a cartographer, and transitioned into the similarities between map making and quilting.

The guild members were a very attentive group and they are all saying hello to you!

Many of the members displayed beautiful quilts during the show and tell session.  I was so busy, I didn't get the opportunity to take pictures of more member quilts.  Take my word for it, the ladies are very talented!

Another highlight was meeting beautiful Brandie from A Brandie Creation. I felt an instant bond as we've been reading and commenting on each others blog for years.  I coerced Brandie into being "a human quilt rack" along with Gail throughout the talk.  Brandie also took my workshop the following day. 

There are so many people to thank for making our visit so special.  All of you made Gail and me feel so welcomed.  Many of you offered assistance on set up and take down.  We couldn't have done it without your efficient help.  Both Gail and I were taken with the warmth of your kind words, and hugs.  We loved hearing about some of the people that we knew way back when.  The whole experience was wonderful, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I also could not have done the lecture and workshop without Gail's help every step of the way.  The loading, unloading and all of her help and companionship made this little adventure possible and so much fun. Spending time together in our former hometown was very memorable for us.  Sisters are the BEST!

I'll post pictures of the Patchwork Math workshop tomorrow so you can see their work. You will be amazed!



  1. What a great audience!! You all look like you're having a great time - and check out that screen :)
    Looking forward to seeing the workshop photos when you post them.....

  2. Oh what fun and such a happy group of sunny California Girl smiles! I'm sure you and Gail had some very sentimental moments...did you drive past the house on Edgewood Lane?
    I missed you while you were gone, but am so happy you had that golden opportunity to reconnect.

  3. I love Smoky River...if you were only able to get one picture of show and tell you got a really good one!

  4. I echo Lynn's words! You ladies at The Ridge Quilters Guild made us feel so welcome and Lynn and I just had an amazing time over the 3 days we were in our old hometown! You all really made it feel like we were coming "home". It was so much fun for me to share this experience with Lynn! Driving around town brought back so many happy memories of our early years growing up in a very special place! Yes, sisters are the best!!!

  5. It was a wonderful lecture and the pictures that went along with it were great. I loved the ones of you and Gail with your hats on!

  6. What a wonderful story......I agree with Nancy Ann got a picture of a beautiful quilt during show and tell.....

  7. I knew there had to be another reason I liked you Lynn! I am a total nut over maps! Love reading them, exploring them, touching....okay, I won't get too weird on you! A story for another time. What a great guild and how fun to reminisce on growing up in Paradise (not too many people can actually say that!) So glad Gail was there to help - she's a trooper!