Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sewn Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
All of this creativity is brought to you by my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls who come to class once or sometimes twice a month to work on their projects.  Fall and Christmas were in the air yesterday.


There are going to be several Harvest of Hope quilts finished just in time for Fall this year.

I was shocked yesterday when Irene told me this was her first time appliqueing!  She is doing a fantastic job!  She has been coming to my class for quite a few months now, and she was so proficient that I assumed she's been appliqueing for years.  Some people are just born to applique, and Irene is certainly one of them.

Isabelle is working on the top section of her harvest quilt.  All of her parts and pieces are prepared and now comes the fun part.....the stitching.  I love to work on the stitching.  It's not work to me, it's a very relaxing and comforting feeling to see it come together.

Evelynne has created a wonderful little scarecrow that is so realistic.  Look at his burlap face, feather in his hat and the raffia for straw.  He is just as cute as he can be.  His little jacket is flannel and his cuffs are satin.  Great attention to detail!

Love the bees flying around the sunflower.

Vivian is all finished with her appliqued blocks for Toyland Tree.  She is down to the yo-yo's now and she can start putting her quilt blocks together.

Gail has almost 100 of her little blocks made so far for her For the Love of Baskets.  She's on a roll now!  She bought her border fabric and backing yesterday in anticipation of reaching the finish line.

Susan has the top half of her 3D Noughts and Crosses sewn together now.  The rest of the blocks are made and this will soon be in the finish column.  Susan's quilt is so beautiful, others in the class want to make this design from Quilt Sue's Pick Four book.

You can see how busy my girls have been since our last meeting.  Their work decorates the design walls at In Between Stitches.  It is a feast of eye candy!



  1. I always enjoy seeing what the girls are working on :-D

  2. Wow....what darling quilts.....your girls have a lot of's fun to watch the quilts come together.....

  3. Well, wherever did I go? I wrote a comment, hit publish, and poof, there I was gone. So I'll try again. What I said was that I can't see a pumpkin being appliqued without remembering a giggly day when you taught Nancy and I how to applique.

    I also said that your Wild Girls are producing some great work.

    Now I'm going to hit publish again. Fingers crossed .....

  4. It was so much fun to see some of the "OTHER" Wild Women from the alternate SWO class day at the shop's Preview Party last night! And now to catch up on their great work to boot!
    I think Irene's a "sleeper" - quiet but full of surprises :)

  5. Your students are doing well , such lovely work , I am really loving those baskets !

  6. Well done, everyone! I've been appliqueing on and off for years and am not even half as good as your beginner! I may have to plant a pumpkin in my garden this year with a purple bow, too!

  7. Lynn, where can I get your Patchwork Math book? I'm up here in Healdsburg. Love your patterns: I have a few of them!! :-) Thanks, Helen