Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Double Dog Dare You

Hello Everyone,
I have been pretty quiet lately as I'm getting my presentation ready for my talk at the Ridge Quilters Guild in Paradise, CA on April 15th.  My talk revolves around growing up in Paradise, a remote mountain community in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I could tell you this was during the 1950's, but then I'd be dating myself!  My talk incorporates all of my quilts and evolves into The Geography of a Quilt.  Geography was my profession once I became an adult.  I won't say, "When I grew up," because I'm still waiting for that to happen!

The House on Edgewood Lane
I named my first quilt pattern The House on Edgewood Lane in honor of the little house where I grew up.

I feel as though I've been in a time machine over the past few days while reminiscing about my youth and putting it on paper and in a presentation form.

Growing up in Paradise was an idyllic childhood. Our imaginations took us on many different adventures from sailors to sea captains. I'm the sailor, my sister Gail was the captain of our ship.  But, the captain was unable to contain her little sisters daring nature which usually landed us into lots of trouble! Our misadventures makes for good story telling in our old age.

Thank goodness the statute of limitation has expired.



  1. Sounds like a fun childhood and a lovely looking house. The quilt is just so you and beautiful. Take care.

  2. Look at that little girl! What little dolls! So sweet! Wish I could hear your talk! Are you going to do a video?

  3. What a wonderful the idea that you named
    your first pattern after it. You and Gail are so cute!

  4. Just a stunning quilt and I love story quilts - but then they all do have a story of sorts, don't they?

  5. Beautiful quilt and that picture of you and Gail when you were little is absolutely adorable.

  6. Lovely quilt, as are all your quilts! I just love the following photos, the house where you grew up is such a pretty house and the photo of those 2 little girls is priceless!

  7. Aww, weren't you just the cutest little kids? It must be fun to be able to revisit your past through your quilts like this.

  8. How funny was that story......I was an only I don't have any stories like that.....bummer