Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mark Your Calendars

Hello Everyone,
I've been preparing for my upcoming segment on The Quilt which will air this Friday, August 7th.  You will learn everything you want to know about making half-square triangles.  You will be able to find the lesson in my classroom session HERE.

You will learn how to re-size them since you can download the formulas, and make 8 at a time.  You will also be able to download the cutting directions to make this 9" block.  The download will also include different variations of this block.  You will be in charge or arranging and re-arranging the components.  All of this will be available on the TQS website.  Each week you will be able to download a new block which pertains to each lesson.
I'm trying to make blocks that correlate with each lesson.  At first I thought a block comprised of mostly HST would be boring, but this one isn't!  There are many ways to make this block using flying geese, but I wanted to stick with the HST to reinforce the lesson.
I'm not sure I will have time to post a link directly to the class on Friday.  I will be lecturing and teaching a Patchwork Math class in Chico, CA for Annie's Star Quilt Guild Friday, and I'm not sure if I will have access to the Internet.  You can also check out The Quilt Show's YouTube Channel HERE and be able to see many quilting videos for free.
Thelma and Louise (Gail and Lynn) will set off for Chico at O-dark-hundred tomorrow.  It's about a 4-hour drive from home.  I always like to allow plenty of time to allow for the unexpected.  You can also find me now on Instagram #sewnwildoaks.  This technology is really amazing.  I just need to take my granddaughters with me to help me figure out how to post!


  1. Look forward to watching your episodes. Instagram is something I have avoided, but I think I need to get involved as so much is going on there.

  2. Safe travels! Looking forward to Friday's segment :)

  3. That's a beautiful block: not boring at all! And travel safely Thelma, er, I mean Lynn! Tell Louise, opps, Gail hi for me! :-D Hugs, H

  4. These are pretty fabrics, are they Marcus? Do you know what line? Looking forward to future episodes.