Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year = New Projects

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a Happy New Year.   We had a very quiet New Year celebration at the cabin.  After the days of company, cooking for the masses, and packing Christmas away for another year, it is time to settle in, buckle down and attack my to-do list.
Usually when the snow starts to fall, the power goes out.  So if I'm off the grid this week, just picture me working on this little cutie.  I prepared all of the pieces and got them ready for stitching during the daylight hours just in case.

I will prepare the bow for the top of the basket today, then I'll be able to finish this block.  This is going to be a wall hanging with four baskets, two red and two blue.  I think it has a real Pennsylvania Dutch feel to it.  I'm going to call this quilt Huckleberry Hill. Most of the fabrics are from Pam Buda's Star Spangled Liberty line from Marcus Fabrics.

I'm also writing the pattern directions for Spoken For.  I had to test out all of the templates that I drew for the pattern, so I made another block.  The Dresden templates are small and unique, and you won't find them in any fabric shop.  I had to draw them on the computer and make sure they were EXACT.  After some scanning and futzing, they are now perfect and ready for the pattern.

When I get bored writing pattern directions, I slap on my tool belt and start constructing houses for the Journey's End BOM by Kim Diehl.  In Between Stitches is offering this as a 6-month BOM HERE.  The houses are so much fun to make!  If the power continues to stay on today, I just may put another one of these beauties together and watch my neighborhood grow.

In addition to all of the fun projects, I'm working on my guild lecture next Monday evening for the Delta Quilters Guild in Brentwood, CA.  The talk is my standard "Geography of a Quilt" talk.  But I always make changes for each guild.

On Wednesday I'm speaking at the Northern California Quilt Council All Star Review meeting.  My topic is taking the mystery out of quilting math.  I will present the same information every 15 minutes for two hours.  There will be 9 teachers and a whole host of quilt guild members rotating through each session.  I have to have my ducks in a row for this one.  The whole purpose is for guild members to meet the teachers, hear what we have to say, observe our teaching technique, and schedule us for workshops and guild lectures for 2017/2018.  I wasn't nervous about it until I just wrote this paragraph!!  I'd better drop everything and get to work on my 15 minutes of fame.



  1. Happy New a Year, Lynn (and Mr Joe)! You've been so busy in such a short amount of time....everything is beautiful. Waiting to do some proofreading.....

  2. Happy New Year. I am looking forward to seeing you and your projects thru your blog. Thanks sew much for sharing.

  3. Such a nice basket block design.

  4. Happy New Year. Ours was nice and quiet. First time we've been home in years. I so love your basket.