Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Projects for a Snowy Day

Hello Everyone,
The devil is in the details and the bow is done.

Once I finish the applique, I'll sew the basket section to the handle section.

I constructed another house for Kim Diehl's Journey's End BOM.  Details about this program at the shop are HERE.

The neighborhood is going to be so colorful!  I love them.

Now what is this going to be you ask?

It goes with this block and I'm going to keep you in suspense on the new design. I'm so proud of myself.  I forced myself to write the directions during construction. I'm also doing machine applique on the leaves.  The process is much quicker than I thought it would be. The red leaves are finished, the green leaves are next.

Yesterday was a perfect day.  I quilted. I played with Mazey in the snow. Then I fixed a nice pot of chili.  We also shoveled the driveway several times.  The family who shovels together, stays together. Note to self....make sure there is gas in the gas can next time for the snowblower.

Mazey is smiling!
Mazey is just like a 2-year-old when it comes to snow.  Wait a minute, she is a 2-year-old! She whines at the door to go out for most of the day.  Her hair is so fine, and the snow sticks to it like crazy.  When she comes insides, she has little dingleballs of snow hanging off her tummy, and the hairy feathers on her legs. 

Our snow turned to rain during the night and it's still raining.  Insert sad face here.  I don't think we will be snowed in again this trip.  Company is coming for the next two days, so the projects will be packed up.  It's play time.  Wait a minute.....I have been playing!



  1. Hello Lynn,
    I like the results of your "playing". Very nice. I also like the fabric you chose. Can't wait to see your quilting on it later :o)
    Mazey is 2 "already"? I still remember her cute puppy-pictures.
    Happy New Year, Lynn and all the best wishes
    xxx Doris :o)

  2. I love your basket block. We, too, love the snow, look forward to it, and frown when we're getting rain instead of snow. :(

  3. What a classy basket, Lynn! I can picture it filled with fresh blueberries from Mr. Joe's garden! Being snowed in and playing with doesn't get any better than that. Love Mazey smiling in the she trying to play Mazey ball?

  4. Love the basket block! I want to pre-order the pattern!🙌

  5. Love the basket block! I want to pre-order the pattern!🙌

  6. Oh my gosh I just love your blogging's! Your choice fabrics are gorgeous, your patterns, typical golden loving the cold! Can't wait to see the suspenseful blocks together ^;^

  7. Love those baskets! So many pretty things - oops, drooled on my keyboard.

  8. I can honestly say that you are my fav blogger. I enjoys your blogs !! I adore your skill level and mathability ! Your quilts are outstanding and gorgeous. I love your stories. I would be tempted to try a pattern --- I wish I lived closer to you so I could take a class from you!! Keep up the good work and blogs !!!

  9. Love that basket - going to be a beautiful quilt!