Friday, January 27, 2017

Prairie Flower Progress

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to say good morning, then I'm off to the shower.  I'll leave the blogging in Gail's capable hands.  Thank you again for all of your good wishes.  I've enjoyed reading them and your kind words make me warm all over.  I am so much better compared to last week at this time.  By next week, I'll be ready for Dancing With The Stars!
Guest blogger Gail here as "Sweat Shop Central" opens our doors for 2017.  As many of you know, "the boss" has been under the weather and sent out a giant SOS for me to come help with "Prairie Flower".  I am glad to report that she is doing much better.

You regular readers know that I work for cookies.  As you can see here, no expense was spared on this tasty collection from Safeway purchased by Mr. Joe.

"The boss" assigned me the job of making all the border blocks.

There are 28 of these blocks, 24 of which are done.

And then I switched to these 9 patch for variety and...

to avoid having to fix my screw up because "the boss" hadn't finished the directions! Note the directional problem with the beige strips, all because I started with the red square in the opposite corner!  I just told "the boss" that this will provide her with an opportunity in her pattern to point out a possible pitfall.  Sounds good to me!

Mr. Joe outdid himself by having a nice tray of appetizers Wednesday night after our first long day.  He said something about trying to keep "the help" happy!  And last night, we had a delicious dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant in town.  Of course, we used the gift certificate I gave them for Christmas!  I shouldn't complain, though, and we have leftovers!

Our efforts are shaping up nicely!  "The boss" has done all the double X blocks and most of the border blocks are done.  On today's "to do" list is finishing the 9 patch with the beige borders so that "the boss" can machine applique the flowers.  Oh, and I have to fix my border block screw ups!

Lynn here again.  One of you asked about what thread and settings I use on my machine when I machine applique.  I use a Mettler 50 weight thread.  On my Bernina I use a number #6 embroidery foot and select stitch #25.  The needle position is 4.5.  Stitch length 2.5. Stitch width 1 tick below 3. The needle is in the down position.  I also thread my bobbin hook.  Not all machines have a bobbin hook.  It does change the tension on the bobbin thread and helps to create a nice even stitch.

Early tomorrow morning it will be time for me to head home and hope my kitties are still "speaking" to me after leaving them for 3 days!  Stay tuned as "Lucy and Ethel" hit the road again bound for our first quilt show of 2017 in Folsom next weekend.  If you are in the area, drop by and say hi.

Gail & Lynn


  1. Love it all...News that Lynn's getting better, the beautiful pattern and how it's progressing, that Gail is a great role model for how to postpone fixing "screw ups", the gourmet cookies, the wine and cheese...all of it!!!

  2. Good point, Paula! Sometimes I think "postpone" is my middle name!

  3. Do I ever wish I was there to help...and eat the cookies! So glad Lynne is doing better and Gail is doing such a great job of helping! That quilt is looking gorgeous!

  4. Hey Lynn, I can just see you and Jamie from Outlander on Dancing with the Stars. I know Mr. Joe would be your partner if it weren't for having to wear that kilt...giggle.
    Gail, er Ethel, you're doing a terrific job, fueled by Mr. joe's kind treats! I know you did the directional "oops" on purpose...great job!

  5. Oh dear Lord! I am so behind! I just read your last 3 posts and I apologize for not keeping up with you. I hope you continue to improve. Thank God you have Joe and Gail, the kids and the family of quilters to keep an eye on you and grant your every desire!
    We're unfortunately in a bit of the same pickle. I worked this week, with the aid of pain relief, steroids and muscle relaxants, & attempted to do my best Lucy Carmichael to keep my mind off my ouchies! Every keeps laughing at me when I suggest I might benefit from a Total Right Side Replacement!

  6. Good that you, Lynn are on the mend! Love your progress on the quilt design...when will the pattern be available? Hug's Carolyn

  7. Hoping you are getting well, and thank goodness for Sister Helper! Quilt is looking great!
    Looking forward for your health to get better!

  8. lol! What a cute post! I'm enjoying the progress on Prairie Flower...I'll have to "catch up" my projects so I have room for this when it's released. Glad you are healing.

  9. Good morning, glad to hear you are doing better Lynn and in the capable hands of your assistant Gail :0) Prairie Flower is definitely blooming! Beautiful