Thursday, January 19, 2017

Prairie Flower is Starting to Bloom

Hello Everyone,
It's been raining cats and dogs here in California which translates into perfect weather for quilting.  Tell that to my dog Mazey who needs to get out and run with the wind and kick up her heals. I've been hard at work on my new design called Prairie Flower.

I'm machine appliqueing the flowers and leaves which is a new technique for me.  Since this is going to be a bed quilt, I wanted these little guys to be securely nailed down. 

All of the Double-X blocks are finished and the directions are written. I had quite the assembly line going during the football playoffs and finished these puppies.  I followed my own directions, and guess what?  I found two boo boos. 

Here's a sneak peak at just a portion of the quilt.  I still have more borders that need to be added.  One of the borders in another pieced block.  So, I'm FAR from being done on this one. The fabric is called Conestoga Crossing by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.  I love Pam's style.  This quilt can transition nicely from Fall into Winter in my house.  Of course once I finish making it, the quilt will hit the road and start traveling.  My quilts get out of town more than I do!

I hope you have good quilting weather in your neck of the woods. You know, it really doesn't matter what is happening's what's happening on the inside that counts.



  1. Beautiful! I bought my current machine just because it has a buttonhole stitch. I have used it exactly once in 6 years. Kudos to you! I seem to be hopelessly stuck in hand applique mode. I adore this quilt.

  2. Love this pattern! Just what I need another quilt to make...I'm ready to proofread!

  3. It's really turning out gorgeous, Lynn! I thought you might be sewing away with all that rain! Poor Mazey - from what I saw on the radar she would get water logged running around in all that - her fur would really weigh her down. Give her a soggy love from us!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful and the piecing perfect!

  5. It looks like you have another winner on your hands Lynn - looking forward to seeing the rest of it come to life. Stay dry. We've been watching the weather and you folks are getting a deluge!

  6. Your Machine applique looks so nice. May I ask what weight of thread you used and what setting you used on your machine. The thread looks thick in the picture. Thanks, Nancy P.

  7. Another beauty! You have so many designs I'd like to stitch... I need to make more time for quilting! :-) Our winter had been good here in central nj. Most of the "events" have been rain with only one 4" snowfall... I hope it stays this quiet! lol!