Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why the "Y" Square???

Hello Everyone,

Listen my quilters and you shall hear, the tale of the "Y" square, so gather round near.

"I know what you are thinking.....she's lost it.  She's suffering from cabin fever. She's been snowed in for too long. Her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top."
Let me show you the power of this little quilting component. On its own, it's cute but it isn't saying Wowzer!

Now let me hear you say WOWZER!  My friend Jeanne sent me this picture this morning of her version of Kim Diehl's Walk in the Park quilt.  Jeanne didn't want to make the appliqued border, so she made oodles of "Y" squares and created this fabulous border.

She is working on the side borders this week, then it's heading off to the quilter by the end of the month.  What a glorious first finish this quilt is going to be for 2017!

Here's another example of stringing "Y" squares together.  Tiny, baby "Y" squares.  Looks familiar doesn't it?
Here's exhibit #3 from my quilting components sampler quilt which still remains unquilted.

So now that you've gathered round and heard the story, how do you make them?  How do you calculate the size? I'm not going to sign off and leave you hanging.  I'm going to direct you to my video on The Quilt Show.com which you can watch for FREE!  All of my Patchwork Math classes are free on TQS.  Click HERE and watch me in person.  Also, the link to my Patchwork Math book is HERE.  I'm teaching Patchwork Math AKA Finessing the Figures at In Between Stitches on Saturday, January 14th.  I'm also teaching it in Turlock at Cloth and Quilts on April 17th. (Just after we've finessed the figures for tax day!)  Only kidding.  My tax accountant is now rolling his eyes out loud at me.

If you ever need help calculating the figures for your "Y" squares.......I'm just an email away.  Or you can email my friend Jeanne!  Well not really, but she figured out the calculations on her own.

A snow shovel is calling my name right now.  The plow just went through and our driveway has a huge berm that needs to be removed so we can leave the cabin should be decide we want to leave. NOT!



  1. Replies
    1. So I'm guessing one side of the border is mirror immage of the other side?

  2. I noted that Patchwork Math has a new moniker on the most recent IBS calendar! I like it! It just started snowing here again while I was out going Postal! Another big storm is supposed to arrive tonight. We'll be digging out again following multiple passes of the snowplows.

  3. Awesome! Great video... looking forward to giving this a try. I do like this border idea so much better than the little triangles!

  4. So fun to see Jeanne's take on Walk in the Park.
    The border gives the quilt another great personality.

  5. Love your border, Jeanne! Great way to avoid the dreaded applique! You know me! I avoid it at all cost!

    1. Thanks Gail! I'm following in your foot steps.....

  6. I love the Walk in the Park quilt! It looks like it might eat up some of my stash with the 3 color blocks. I'm not having any luck finding the pattern. Does anyone know where to find it?

  7. I found your blog via Pam's. I had never heard of a Y-Square before, but I love the way you used it as a border. Can't wait to try it!