Friday, May 12, 2017

Pine Tree Quilt Guild Show

Hello Everyone,
Here is a mini quilt show this morning brought to you by the Pine Tree Quilt Guild in Grass Valley, California.
My friend Nancie made this beautiful Antique Sampler quilt that won a well deserved blue ribbon. This was a BOM at In Between Stitches.
Here is another "Nancie" quilt designed by Kim Diehl.

 I think Nancie's version of my Madrigal pattern was the reason we sold out of patterns!

Sit back and enjoy the show.

The eyes on this quilt were captivating.  So realistic.

My only complaint about the show is the aisles were too close together, making it hard to get a good picture.  The amount of work and quilting on this quilt was quite something....and it was a HUGE quilt.

The most exciting thing happening today at Sew'n Wild Oaks is the delivery of a new washer and dryer.  After about two decades, the old Whirlpool set is going to be replaced with a new set of Whirlpools.  The salesman assured me I will have time to clean the laundry room before the new set is put into place.  No telling what I'm going to find in the great sock abyss! 



  1. Oh what wonderful eye candy. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts. And, I think I spied a "potholder" quilt, but I can't read the label. The one with 30's fabrics and embroidered blocks look like is was assembled in the "potholder" quilt method. I would love to know who made it and where the inspiration came from. It is getting more popular here in Maine now, but I haven't seen any anywhere else. And, have fun with the new washer and dryer. Well, if you can consider laundry fun!

  2. Wonderful quilt show and SO nice to see you again :-D

  3. Oh my goodness. Our little Nancie has been a busy girl. Beautiful quilts. All of them. What a show. Thank you for sharing. I have to laugh about the sock abyss. My husband asked me if the socks really are eaten by the machine. Of course they are.....

  4. I could never be a judge at this show - I would pass out all blue ribbons! Oh happy day - new washer and dryer! Ours are 9 years old and started off with our renters and their 2 little boys. I imagine there are socks and many other goodies under there!

  5. Inspiring and awesome. Thanks for the show.