Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Hello Everyone,
Today I'm going to talk about the "Y-Square" which is now featured on The Quilt Show in the classroom section.  You can click HERE and view the class to see how I make them and learn the formula so you can make them any size.  This block finishes at 6".  Small, but so cute!

After I make a few Y-squares, I like to divide them into two groups.  The pile on the left is turning one way, and the pile on the right is turning the other way.

I play around with my pressing so all of the seams nest together and reduce bulk.

I ended up with five, 2" pinwheels.

Here's another great example of the power of the little Y-square.  Jeanne didn't want to make the applique around her Walk In The Park quilt, so she made hundreds of Y-squares instead and created this incredible border.

Here is the lattice border traveling around the entire quilt!  You will be seeing this soon since it is at the machine quilters right now.
The Y-squares in this block are 7/8" of an inch.  They create the perfect woven top of my basket.

The Y-squares in this block finish at 1-1/2".  The block finishes at 9".  I use that number to determine how many Y-squares I need to make.  9 divided by 6 Y-squares = 1-1/2" each.

It is an extremely versatile quilting component.  I love the look, and I love how easy they are to make.

My Patchwork Math book is on sale for 15% off the normal price HERE.  Use the code word "Easy Math" so you get the discount at checkout.
This week I'm busily prepared for the Pine Tree Quilters show in Grass Valley this coming weekend.  I'm printing and stuffing patterns, and making more note cards.  Mr. Joe and I have been bonding at the kitchen table while we package the boxes of cards.  As soon as the shows are over, I'll be offering the cards for sale on the blog.  I'm having a hard time keeping them in stock.

I've had so much fun with these that I'm thinking about making my own Christmas cards this year.

One more thing to add to my to-do list!



  1. Your cards look so pretty. I'll keep an eye out for them when they become available on your blog. I am interested in making cards from some of my photography too...mostly ranch related and I was curious. Do you print your own or do you use a particular company?

  2. I am so curious on the basket handle. Did you applique a leaf piece for it? It is so precious.
    Thx for the visual on the Y-Square - love your book and this really provides the visual I like.

  3. Your classes and Patchwork Math have made me a much better quilter, Lynn! Thanks so much!