Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Square in a Square

Hello Everyone,
I've been in total, quilting immersion over the past few days and have finally surfaced.  From quilt shows to classes, I have so much to share over the next few days that you too, will be join me surrounded in beautiful quilts, and people.
Let's begin with The Quilt Show blog post this morning regarding my Square in a Square segment in the classroom section of TQS.  You can view the video HERE.

I'm going to walk you through the process of making a square in a square using stripes.  I love to incorporate striped fabric in my blocks.  I also have to make sure all of the stripes line up perfectly on the perimeter of the square in a square. 
To begin, make sure the corner squares match when cutting. The stripes need to be centered in the square.

Cut diagonally.  One is cut to the left, and one is cut to the right.

Place them next to your fussy cut center.

See how they match so nicely!

I use a corner trimmer and trim off the little triangles on each side of the corner squares.  This is important!  WHEN SEWING A TRIANGLE TO A SQUARE, CUT THE CORNERS OFF USING THE 90 DEGREE ANGLE ON THE CORNER TRIMMER.

Do this on the opposite sides of the corner squares.  A 90 degree cut!

 Place the triangle on the base square.  It is lined up perfectly on the square.

This is also important.  Stitch with the bias triangle face down on your machine.  Always think, bias on the bottom.

Press the seam in the direction of the triangle and clip off this little doohickey right here.

Now using the 45 degree corner trimmer, cut the corners off at a 45 degree angle.  We do this because we are sewing a triangle to an angle.

Place them on the base square, and they should line up perfectly.  Stitch with bias on the bottom.

Press toward the triangle.  Look, at the perfect stripes and the corner triangles aren't drooping.  This square in a square now measures 2-1/2".  Tiny but very doable.

My Patchwork Math book is available at TQS HERE.  Use the code "EasyMath" and you will receive a 15% discount.  If you ever have any questions, I'm just an email away at
I have so many pictures to post over the next few days from the quilt show in Grass Valley to class yesterday.  Quilters fill the world with beauty every time they create.  I am so fortunate to be able to witness hundreds of incredible creations made by amazing quilters. 


  1. Wonderful tutorial! I got my book last week and have already put it to good use.
    Could you tell me how to sign up for one of your retreats? I'd love to learn more from you. Thank you! Loris from Cambria :-)

  2. Great tut. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your method, Lynn! It works for me every single time!!

  4. Thank you, as I dread making these blocks, so I will have a go using your technique.