Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
My Sew'n Wild Oaks girls have been busily creating over the last few weeks.  This show is brought to you by 15 extremely talented quilters!
Barbara finished her Walk in the Park quilt.  Seeing this makes me want to dig mine out of the UFO pile and get it finished.

Barbara has also made good use of her fat quarter tower of Kim Diehl fabrics by making the quilt and two table toppers.

Jeanne also got her quilt back from the quilters.

The ribbon-like border was a great alternative to applique......Jeanne's favorite thing.....NOT!

Kristi finished her barn quilt complete with a rooster in one of the windows.

 Barbara B. finished her elephant the tale end of this one!

 Melody is diligently working on her border.

 Suzanne is holding up this cutie.

Suzanne is also working on Moda's Block Heads.  Now I don't want to hear any complaints from quilters working on the 6" blocks.  Suzanne is also making 3" blocks!

Kristi is also making the Block Heads.

Barbara B. is working on Spoken For in a wonderful collection of 30's fabrics.

Carol is also working on her Dresdens.

Lynnette just started her Grammy Squares quilt.  Great combinations of color.

Gail is putting the frames around her blocks for Walk in the Park.

 We also have more Journey's End houses and I can't remember who made these!

Cindy is working on this beautiful wreath.

If it seems as though I'm in a hurry this morning.....I am.  I have to get to the Little League field muy pronto!  Jess is playing this morning, and Kade is pitching this afternoon for playoffs.  The little boys live across town from each other and play for two different leagues.  It will be ironic if the cousins end up playing against each other one of these days.  Grammy will have to rotate from the home team to visitor bleachers for each inning! We just don't want to miss a thing watching all of the kids sporting events.

Another life milestone for Harleigh yesterday which tugged at our heartstrings. We watched her "drive" away from the baseball game last night.  She has her learners permit and will soon have her license. A very generous Auntie Gail gave Harleigh a car for her 16th birthday.  This SUV will be perfect when she needs to drive to the FFA farm and take care of her pigs.  Harleigh is a 4-wheel drive type of gal in her boots and Levis. 

When she first got her permit, Harleigh drove over to her boyfriend's house with her mom.  Jarret came out of the house wearing his football helmet.  I like this kid!  Great sense of humor.

Gotta run!  Hope you all have an enjoyable Saturday.



  1. The gals blew me away once again! Gorgeous work, everyone! Auntie Gail is a peach! What a wonderful gift for Harleigh. You might want to turn into one of those bouncing balls for sing-alongs to keep up with the boys teams, Lynn! Just paint yourself yellow with a happy face and bounce away!

  2. Such beautiful "work". So much to be proud of. And I love Jarret's sense of humor!! Congratulations Harleigh!!

  3. Love seeing the two different borders on Walk in the Park - lots of good stuff to see in your post!

  4. What beautiful works of art these girls do. You are a great teacher and that is obvious by the beautiful work displayed here. Missed you all.