Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chelsea Cottage Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

Good morning to all of you sitting at your computer with your coffee mug or cup of tea in hand. We'll just sit and visit for a few minutes while I tell you about my fun day teaching at In Between Stitches. One of my favorites books is You're Invited by Blackbird Designs.  Chelsea Cottage is in that book and that is the class that I taught yesterday at the shop.  Here is my version of the center block.

Here is the whole quilt hanging up at the cabin.  This quilt is a snow bird.  It travels back and forth from the mountains then back to the valley.  It is a beautiful quilt.  Warm, inviting, cozy are some of the adjectives that I use to describe it.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending my day with seven very focused and motivated quilters, and one terrific mom....Babs from the UK who was visiting her daughter Kate.  The day began when the girls started hauling in their machines, and hauling out their piles of gorgeous fabric.
It was so much fun for me to go around the room and look at the wonderful fabric choices.
Cute, cute sewing basket next to a bundle of Fig Tree fabric.
The ladies had strips of fabric all over the classroom.  It was draped on every chair, table and occasionally some would slip to the floor.

The blocks started to come alive.
From Civil War fabric to Fig Tree fabric....many blocks were born yesterday.
Luscious is a good adjective too!
As the day progressed, the strips and quilting supplies started to multiply.
Kaye started to work on her blocks a few weeks ago in preparation for the class.  We put them up on the design wall one way.....
.....and then another way.  Just look at the difference! The exact same blocks are just turned in different directions.  It was astonishing how the look of the quilt changed.  I think Kaye is going to go with this design.  She'll decide once she gets her house appliqued.
My friend Chris just completed the binding on her Chelsea Cottage a few weeks ago and was kind enough to bring it to class to share with the group.  There were many "oohhhs and aahhhs" when she displayed her fabulous quilt.  Chris changed the borders a bit and it looks so pretty.
Thank you for the great day ladies.  I enjoyed all of you so much and look forward to our next meeting in two weeks.  Kate, you are excused from your homework since you'll be in the UK.  The rest of the group was so "on task" the whole day, that I'm expecting to see many, many blocks and houses the next time we meet.

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  1. Looks like you had a great group of gals! I love your friend Chris' version. Just gorgeous. Keep us up to date on all those beautiful quilts' progress!

  2. Oh how I wish I was in that class. I love that quilt, and sometimes the only way I get these things done is by taking a class.Oh well, thanks for the peek into your classroom, great looking quilts coming from that class. Good work, teach!

  3. I wish I could join in, but it's an awfully long way from the UK for every class so I'll just have to make do by reading about it on your blog.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing the different fabric choices for this quilt. I can't wait to see how their blocks turned out. This quilt was so much fun to make.

  5. I've got this kit in my UFO... I just wish I could find the time to get to it! I think you told me you more then likely kitted it? One of my friends purchased extra fabrics as she wanted the house in the middle, I love this version and my plan is to follow.
    Following your blog Lynn is like taking a child into a candy shop, you just want it all!