Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Whole Quilt

Hello Everyone,

I've had a couple of requests to see a picture of Sylvia's whole here it is.  The feathers make an interesting effect which you don't see while you're quilting due to the width of the throat space on the quilting machine.  You have to trust your instincts that the overall effect will be pleasing to the eye and add value to the quilt.

In September I entered a contest sponsored by Handi Quilter and submitted my story here.  The winners would  receive additional training at HQ headquarters in Salt Lake City and be featured in the 2011 ad campaign.  Well, I didn't win but it was fun writing the story. 

If anyone is thinking about purchasing a machine, test drive some and see what feels good to you.  It's a big investment of money, space and time.  I love my Handi Quilter.  Sometimes I wish I had the "big bucks" to upgrade to a computerized machine, but by not having a computer-guided machine, I had to learn how to quilt my quilts using my own creativity and skill.  I learn something with every quilt.

I've quilted just one pantograph in the last four years.  I've discovered that I can't follow a straight line with the laser. As with anything else, practice, practice, practice.  Zinny, our Golden Retrieve, had the nicest, quilted dog beds from all of my practice sessions.  She is so spoiled!

I hope all of you enjoy your day preparing for your Thanksgiving feast.  I have a list of things to do from making pies to the rolls that will go into the fridge tonight.  Oh the anticipation of smelling the turkey cooking is good.  Happy Turkey Day to all.

As always,



  1. Lynn, it's just gorgeous! I love how the your quilting really brought the quilt to life! You've done a wonderful job training yourself to make those beautiful designs! Hats off to you! I think your story would be wonderful. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I still would love to see the lady's face who is going to be given this quilt! I know I would be breathless. It's lovely, I love love your feathers. The Feather Lady is a good name for you Lynn... Queen of Feathers?
    Again I would love to be a little mouse in the corner of your kitchen ~ to enjoy the aroma of your turkey and those rolls cooking, and to hear the laughter and job at your table as they join together to give Thanks for all they have..... I can hardly wait for my family to get together too. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn~

  3. Lynn, your practice has made perfection!!! Your quilt is beyond gorgeous! My mom use to have a long arm, and she never really did get the hang of quilting with it other than following a simple pattern. It is so much harder than it looks to do, and here you have become a master!

  4. Your quilting is just awesome. I love how you quilted the quilt - you've really added some movement to it. I bet your customer was thrilled to bits with it.