Monday, November 1, 2010

The Halloween Cooking Crew

Hello Everyone,

It was a busy weekend preparing for the Halloween party. Our granddaughters started making their first dishes Saturday evening.
Eyes of Newt were a big hit.  Marinated mozzarella cheese balls stuffed with olives.
Creepy Crows Claws were also quite tasty.  Breadsticks with cashews for claws brushed with an egg wash with taco seasoning.
The Scaredy Crow Dip was fun to make and good eating too.
The girls are multi-tasking here, learning the words to their Halloween songs while making Boo Bugs.  Little sausages covered with dough with shoestring potato legs.
They finished decorating the table and dressing in their costumes just minutes before their moms, dads, and siblings arrived.  The spider web dip was ranch dressing with ketchup.  All of the recipes were simple and kid-friendly......and tasted good too.
They also sang and danced for us.  What a day for making memories and giggling until you hurt!

We've started planning our party for next year already!  Now it is time to get back to quilting! 

As always,