Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Assistant

Hello Everyone,

My sister Gail has a new quilting assistant.....Quincy.  Quincy is giving Gail quilting advise before she sits down to her machine.  I think Quincy is trying to say applique, don't you?  It's a good thing my 70lb Golden Retriever can't get up on my quilting table!

Gail finished her third block yesterday.  I'm so proud of her!  She is doing a fabulous job on her blocks for Winterset and she is enjoying the process and the creativity.  This block is perfect!  She is going to just about double the size of the pattern so the quilt will fit on a bed in her guest room. I can't wait to see a larger version.

I'll have to finish writing the rest of the directions next week.  Before I know it, she'll be ready to start making windmills. 

Hope all of you have a great day doing what you enjoy.

As always,



  1. Quincy has a bird's eye view of what's happening. You have to smile. Gail's block is beautiful - love the fabric too.

  2. Hee -- Quincy is my laugh for the day, Lynn! That's just too precious! If he is Gail's taskmaster, then he's doing a great job - and so is Gail! Her finished quilt will be gorgeous!

  3. Your sister's block is absolutely beautiful - absolutely in love with the fabrics. Kitties are awesome, aren't they?

  4. Oh Welcome Home Quincy! It looks like that is one happy cat.

    Your sister's block is wonderful. I give it two paws up!

  5. I think Quincey is saying "how do I drive this thing".

  6. Such a cute picture! Quincy has staked claim to the sewing machine! Gail will never get her quilt finished...LOL!

    Her block is fantastic!