Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feather and Cable Quilting

Hello Everyone,

I have received several personal emails regarding the feather and cable quilting template.  Here are my answers so everyone can learn about marking and quilting the template.

First of all, I used a white Sewline pencil to mark the template on the quilt.

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to Teri, for warning me that the Frixion pens that I love, will remove the color when using them on a dark background fabric.  So here is my test.  A faint blue line on the tone on tone brown.

After ironing, a had a faint white line that could not be way!  So I used the white Sewline for marking the template.

Here is the template the I got from The Stencil Company.  Click HERE for their link.  The stencil number is SCO-183-4.5

I marked a light fabric with my Frixion pen here.

This is a better diagram of how I continuously quilted the feather and cable design.  Just one pass with the machine, never having to tie off and begin again.  After a couple passes you will get the hang of it.  Start quilting in the direction of the red arrows, then black and finally blue, ending up at red again and off you go to make another beautiful pass.

Here is the end result with the blue Frixion pen nicely ironed out.  I actually accomplished this test on my Bernina and not my HandiQuilter.  The border is fun, relatively easy with some practice, and you have one beautiful border!

Now I want to hear everyone say, "I can do that!"  Have a wonderful day everyone.

As always,



  1. As Always ..... Just so beautiful!
    You always always give me hope, Encouragement too!

  2. I wish I could do that. You make it look easy, but I know much practice it takes to quilt so beautifully. I am working on my feathers and appreciate seeing how you make yours. It seems like a stencil is a good way to go.

  3. I need to find one of those white pencils.

  4. It's just beautiful Lynn.
    Wish I could do feathers like that...mine's a mess! I know it takes lots of practice, but it's just not happening for me.
    I love those Frixion pens too, but sure have to be careful on dark fabrics..
    Julia ♥

  5. I can do that!! what a minute I can do *that*? I think I can! you make it look easy. I'm gonna give it a try next week, you've inspired me.

  6. Thanks for the tips, especially the sewing direction on the template. PRICELESS!!!

    Can't wait to try it.

  7. Wow - look what I missed here while we were off having fun in Portland! I'm sure the photo shoot will be awesome, Lynn! Thanks also for the great stencil tutorial! Thanks to this, I'm willing to go for it!

  8. You make it sound so easy, but I do know from experience that I can't do it, no matter how hard I try.

  9. Awesome tutorial, Lynn!! Gorgeous quilting by the way as well. Thanks for showing your stitching path. I wondered if you had to tie off and start again. I think I'd like to practice that design. I don't think mine will looks as nice as yours though! I wanted to pass along a marking pencil I recently tried and LOVED. I was using the white Sewline pencil as well, but found it didn't remove as easily as I wanted. I like it but wish it came off a little easier. I tried the Bohin White Chalk Mechanical Pencil. LOVE it. Looks like the Sewline but it's chalk not ceramic. Marks like a dream, stays put but removes VERY easily. I recently had a dark green quilt I had to mark and this pencil was a dream to use. Try it!!!

  10. Lynn, I would love to do that, but I have a question, when you are doing the straight lines are you doing them freehand eyeballing or do you use a ruler?? Cause I know my lines would not be smooth even with a line to follow. Great tutorial!!

  11. Thank you so much for making my life easier today! Your tutorial is just perfect.