Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Got My Groove Back

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was pattern writing day and boy howdy was I in a groove!  (I just looked up the origin of "boy howdy" and it was popular during World War I.....I guess I'm showing my age!)  Anyway, my point is, the pattern writing for this little cutie, Buttonwood version II, is coming along very well.

I would do a procedure on this block, then go right to the computer and key in the instructions and make the graphics.  Eight hours, give or take later, the block was done, and the directions for making the block were almost done.  I'm either extremely slow or extremely precise.  I prefer to think I'm the later.

Each of the baskets will be framed by a tri-colored border.

The border greatly changes the look of the block.

I also finished the block layout sheet that will be included in the pattern. This is a life saver when working with all of the itty bitty pieces.  You know exactly where the pieces go which speeds block construction.  Here is a link to the tutorial that I put together last November for the ladies in my drop in class who were making my Party in the Garden quilt.  The tutorial gives you the directions to make a 6-1/2" block.  The block I made yesterday is for a 9-1/2" block. This is the second pattern where I've used this little basket block.

Here's the original Buttonwood that needs to be quilted.  I'm teaching this class the beginning of March at In Between Stitches and I have to get this done!  The itty bitty 6-1/2" blocks are in the corners of this quilt.

I'll be spending my day at the computer calculating fabric requirements, and figuring out meaningful pattern directions.  On the bright side, I also get to work with the beautiful Prairie Paisley II fabrics!

As always,



  1. Wow, you're so right Lynn when you say Prairie Paisley II is so gorgeous! It looks really rich in Buttonwood and yes, what a difference a border makes! Sounds like you are a happy pattern writer at the moment!

  2. It's interesting how the block changed when you added borders to it. It suddenly gained depth somehow, and also became more important. Well, I know what I mean!