Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buttonwood is Quilted

Hello Everyone,
Buttonwood is almost a wrap....pun intended!  I got her off the quilting machine last night after a full day of quilting feathers, crosshatching and lots of ditching.  It was worth every minute of time and effort.  The cable and feathers aren't perfect, but close enough as in hand grenades and horseshoes.

I'll take a picture of the whole quilt, and nothing but the quilt after I get the binding on her.  The log walls at the cabin will make a nice backdrop for the pattern cover.  Mr. Joe and I will have a mini-photo shoot during the week for Miss Buttonwood.  Hopefully we can get her good side and she'll smile extra nice for the camera! I'm smiling because this is going to be finish #2 this year.  

I intentionally didn't quilt the basket part of the quilt so it would look like the little baskets were full.  Full of what?  I don't know, I just wanted to make them look puffy and they do.

Binding is at the top of my list this week.  What's on your list?  Do you make a list each day?  I would be lost without my list of things I want to accomplish each and every day.  I have a daily list and a weekly list for bigger projects that I know will take a long time.  What I don't finish, goes to the top of my list the following day.  Sometimes I put easy things on my list, just to have the satisfaction of being able to cross something off.  Three cheers to crossing off a major item on my list today!

As always,



  1. Absolutely beautiful Lynn. Your quilting looks perfect. Can't wait to see the whole quilt :)

  2. I hope your pattern includes tips for making the tiny HSTs. I think it could be a good one for my Fig Tree fabric collection.

    I make written lists in other aspects of life (particularly work, you know, the paid kind), but not for quilting. I do have a mental list though, and binding is on my list too.

  3. It's beautiful. I love the whimsy that the yoyos add. Yes, I make lists, but only if I have so much I want to accomplish that I am afraid I won't remember it all.

  4. Fabulous! You're so quick. What a finish!
    Like you I'm all about my lists. You made me laugh saying you get satisfaction crossing things off. I've been know to write a chore down that took more time to write it than to complete is, just for the satisfaction.
    Another beauty!

  5. Beautiful.....Beautiful.....

  6. I love each new quilt you show off the quilting for. It's like a little present that makes me feel like "what will I learn today?".

    I'm not a list maker, though I have running lists of current quilts on my blog and where I am with them, and you're exactly right it sure is nice to call one done. Kudos on #2 this year!

  7. Can't wait to see Miss Buttonwood all finished.

    Yes, I live by the lists! I've had some trouble with mine lately and have considered starting a blog to help keep me honest....hmmmm. Wonder if that will really work?

    Congratulations on one big CHECK for your list.

  8. Hello Lynn,

    Oh Buttonwood is certainly another treasure. I have a list that is neverending,things keep on getting added to it. It is a great feeling to have a finish and tick it of that list.
    happy days.

  9. That certainly looks wonderful, and I'm looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

    As for lists, yes I used to do them when I worked, but pretty well stopped after that. I do still find I use the yellow sticky pad on my computer though when I've got lots going on.