Sunday, February 5, 2012

Machine Quilting Buttonwood

Hello Everyone,

I loaded my scrappy back onto the machine, added a layer of wool batting, then gently loaded Buttonwood on to the quilting machine.  Here are the results so far.  Lots of crosshatching and feathers (my favorites) along with lots of stitching in the ditch (my least favorite of all!)

Stitching in the ditch is so boring and doesn't give me a change to be creative with free motion fun.  Plus, I find stitching in the ditch quite hard to do.  I use a ruler and I still can't stay in that ditch.

This feather and cable border may need an additional something added in the area between the cable and the sashing.  The crosshatching in the sashing anchors the area (sorry I don't have a picture of it.)  I'll have to determine when I take the quilt off the machine if I should add an additional loop of cable.  It's funny how pictures tell you more about your quilt than looking at the actual quilt in person!

I almost didn't quilt the cable and feather in the border because I knew it would take so much additional time.  But when I thought about it, this was not the time to rush through the final stage of this quilt.  What's an additional four hours of marking and stitching when you've spent weeks creating the entire quilt. I intentionally used this tone-on-tone brown in the border just to showcase the quilting.  Now I'm glad I stuck with my original plan.  One border down, three more to go!

I'm filling in at the shop today, but I will be home in time to watch the Superbowl.  The closed sign is going out promptly at 3pm so I can be home in time for the 3:30 kickoff.  So, if any of you come to the shop today, shop early, buy a ton of fabric, then go home and watch the game!

As always,



  1. Lynn! very nice! i love the cable/feathers in the border! I know what you mean about stitch in the ditch...ugh! your quilting is wonderful and i really appreciate your inspiration! i am getting together today with 5 girlfriends to do a 'tree swap' and stitch our trees together. Superbowl will be on...but, i honestly don't even know who is playing! :) enjoy your day,

  2. I love the cable/feathers quilting! That will really make an already great quilt better. I too find stitch in the ditch difficult...I have to stop myself from ripping out all the boo boos though they go away once washed. I have to work today, think anyone will be at the nursery buying plants? The weather is nice so who knows, not everyone is watching the Super Bowl.

  3. Isn't it just amazing how the quilting transforms a quilt? I love the borders - perhaps by the time you get the rest of it quilted you won't need to add anything more there. You're braver than me when it comes to stitch in the ditch - I try to do as little of it as I can get away with - lol!

  4. Just beautiful ! I really love the cable / feathers quilting ! Looking forward to the game today !

  5. Awesome quilt! Your quilting is beautiful and really brought more beauty to the piece, if that is even possible!

    If I were close enough, I would certainly buy lots of fabric. I am only watching the Super Bowl for the commercials this year. My team's season ended a long time ago.

    Have a great week!

  6. Beautiful ...I just love cables and feathers! We have just watched the ireland and Wales rugby game over here and Wales won .....hurray!!!! Cymru am byth which means, in English Wales forever!,,,

  7. Beautiful ...I just love cables and feathers! We have just watched the ireland and Wales rugby game over here and Wales won .....hurray!!!! Cymru am byth which means, in English Wales forever!,,,

  8. Lynn, this is beautiful. You do a beautiful job with your cables and feathers - my favorites also, and the colors are wonderful. I am thinking about a yellow Madrigal, as we have discussed, and think my Folk Art Wedding - saved for a special project - might be the perfect thing. I do love your original,though, which is saying something because generallyI avoid black in my quilts and substitute deep navy or deep green.

  9. Oh WOW! This is so beautiful! I love the quilting!!

  10. Gosh Lynn, this is really inspiring. Your work is just divine. I am just the same as yourself,..... I need to look at the pictures of my quilting, to see if it is suitable or needs more. I'm the same with creating quilts, I need the visual to go ahead. Lovely quilting for a beautiful quilt.

  11. Wow...that border quilting is phenomenal! But..what else would I expect from you? You really have opened up my eyes on detail in quilting. Thank you!

  12. That border quilting looks wonderful. You're right, it shows up beautifully against the fabric. I'm glad you said it took an extra 4 hours cos I was wondering how long it would take to do a border like that.

    Hope you enjoyed the Superbowl. They even showed it here in the UK, but it was past my bedtime!