Monday, November 11, 2013

Vin du Jour = Block du Jour

Hello Everyone,
Have you missed me?  I've been out and about and able to squeeze in only a little bit of time for quilting here and there.  This wonderful new fabric line from 3 Sisters called Vin du Jour, followed me home from In Between Stitches the other day.  I have great plans from this fabric!

The fat quarter tower was beautifully packaged by the gals at the shop.  After I admired it for a few minutes, just long enough to take pictures, I opened it up. 

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Forty fat quarters on display....right here. (Sorry, it's early and the coffee hadn't kicked in just yet....wait, maybe it has kicked in!)  I saw this line on the Moda website several months ago and I've been anxiously anticipating its arrival.

I made my first pilot block then started experimenting with setting triangle fabrics.

I used my Patchwork Math book when I designed this block.  I knew what I wanted to do, and did it using my resource manual.  You know I have a passion for basket blocks and this fabric was telling me it wanted to be a basket.  Of course there is waaaay more to this quilt than baskets.  I live in the Livermore Valley known for fine guess might see some appliqued grapes and vines in this quilt.

On an entirely different subject, we had the best night last Friday evening.  Our 37-year-old son Kade, played in an alumni football game against the cross-town rival.  Our granddaughter Kinsey, was a cheerleader during the half time program.  Little did I know when we watched our boys play football on this field, we would be watching one of them again 18 years later with our granddaughter cheerleading!  We spent so many years 'warming the pines', our sons threatened to etch our names in the bleachers.

Kinsey did a great job cheerleading.  Kade played a great game as fullback until the hand injury in the 3rd quarter.  (The ice bag should be off by now.)  The score you ask?   Well, Kade is ready to hit the gym and he'll be back for revenge next soon as he gets out of the gym's spa!

Life is made up of precious hours and moments and you come full circle back where you used to be.  The circle keeps getting bigger, fuller and filled with family.  That's what it's all about.



  1. Great looking baskets....can't wait to see the rest of the's fun to go back to the high school to watch football....especially if your family members are playing....great picture of your son and granddaughter....

  2. That is very pretty and so very you! I can't decide whether Kade looks more like his Mama or his Papa!

  3. That fabric collection is to die for - and the block is just beautiful. I can't wait to see more!

  4. This is a pretty line and love the basket block.

  5. I like your basket block and look forward to seeing where this quilt goes!

  6. The fabric is really beautiful, perfect choice for your sweet baskets! As for the football game, how awesome to have all the generations together! Hope the ice pack does its trick!

  7. Moda has the best fabric and so pretty. Perfect and very clever packaging too, I don't think I could have opened it. Love your basket block

  8. Oh, I can see why you were eying that fabric, Lynn! I see another applique masterpiece in the works! Go Kade! What fun that must have been, well, until the hand injury. Kinsey is so adorable in her cheerleader outfit. That must have been a night just filled with wonderful emotion, Lynn!

  9. PHew! He survived and so did you. At least it was only his hand. I would have been a wreck, especially after watching football on a Sunday and seeing them fall like flies!

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  11. Pretty fabric and what a delightful block! Enjoyed hearing of your son and granddaughter's adventures! Glad he only hurt his hand and hope it heals quickly.