Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cornering Grammy Squares

Hello Everyone,
I can't seem to get enough of English Paper Piecing.  I made the little flowers yesterday for the corner of my Grammy Squares quilt.

I have four, wonderful playoff football games to watch this weekend. So I'll be stitching and watching at the same time.  Even though my team didn't make the playoffs, I still enjoy watching a good football game.

When I'm working on a quilt, it's my favorite quilt.  This one is REALLY my favorite quilt.  I think it's the controlled explosion of color throughout the quilt that makes this one pop.  Each little block has a fussy cut center surrounded by 1/2" strips of color.  I didn't use the paper bag method on this one.  I paid complete attention to each and every block.  When I said I used the paper bag method, I didn't mean to infer that I put the bag on my head and select strips! Although that could be quite humorous or humorless depending on the outcome.   (That one is for you Paula, you are too funny!)


On another note.  There won't be any cute little baby Mazeys running around.  An adult male coyote was showing entirely too much interest in our little fur baby, so that was taken care of yesterday by her veterinarian.  She is still a little sleepy and sluggish, not her normal bubbly, rambunctious self.  I had to look up the correct spelling of rambunctious and saw the definition fits her to a "T". This is Mazey.....hell-raising, knockabout, boisterous, raucous,  rollicking and rowdy......that's my girl.

On that note, I hope you all have a rollickingly good weekend.



  1. Love ya Lynn! And looking forward to the class. This quilt came together so beautifully.....:D

    1. ......and wishing Mazey a smooth and quick recovery!!

  2. Wow - I love the fussy cut hexies in the border corners, but didn't realize the big ones in the center were fussy too, so I'm glad you pointed that out! I would SO love to make this quilt - it's on my list for sure!

  3. I'll have to try that bag over the head might help! I love dem Grammy Squares...I does!
    That last paragraph describes our little problem child, Tessie Boo to a T. She took her time recovering from anesthesia, (both times) too but when she woke up there was no stopping her!

  4. Your sewing energy puts me to shame. Sending "get well quick" wishes to Mazey.

  5. I'm with you, Paula! I can't wait for the class either! This is a really stunning quilt, Lynn! Give little Mazey a hug from Auntie Gail.

  6. This is just such a gorgeous quilt Lynn! I hope Mazey recovers quickly!

  7. Hah - you may want to employ the paper bag once Mazey figure's out what happened ;>) This is a seriously gorgeous quilt - all that non-paper bag planning has paid off big time, Lynn!

  8. Well, I'm not working on that one and I think it is one of my favorites!! Since I was little I've loved flowers on black backgrounds, and this one fits the bill!! It reminds me that I REALLY need to do a quilt with a black background!! I'd love to try that one, but I'm afraid my ADD quilting would kick in and I'd never finish with all those little strips! :-) And poor little Mazey: but better that than a tangle with a coyote!! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

  9. Oh literally sparkles! Great job.

  10. The hexagons make an interesting bow. Very different.

  11. Your quilt is beautiful. I laughed when I read about the paper bag method. Glad you didn't put in over your head to do your selection, because it's beautiful!!

  12. The quilt is beautiful, specially if you made it with a paper bag over your head!

    I am so behind with commenting, I hope Mazey is back to being her rambunctious self again by now?