Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
It was another very special, and enjoyable day in the classroom at In Between Stitches yesterday. My girls have been at it again, creating beautiful treasures.
Judy followed along making blocks for Country Corners and put them all together in this beautiful setting of her own design.

Judy gets extra points in my book for adding not one but two flanges!

Isn't this cute to just top off the quilt with her own special touch.

Susan has been diligently making her blocks and stitched her rows together for her patriotic Country Corner blocks.  Susan also came up with her own design to make a nice lap quilt for her family room.  Just beautiful! 

Jan finished up her last block for Country Corners.  I love the fabric she selected for the center section.

Yesterday in class I demonstrated how to make the Lucy Boston blocks and Barbara had a field day cutting a variety of pieces to make her blocks.  She went from refined and elegant..... whimsical cowboys.

Flowers to.....

Fence posts.  Barbara is hooked on Lucy Boston blocks.  And NO Lisa, they are not called Lizzy Borden blocks!  I know when I'm teaching this class, that I'm going to slip and call them Lizzy Borden instead of Lucy Boston.  You know when you get something in your head and you just can't let it go??  They only become Lizzy Borden blocks when you are having trouble with them and want to replace your scissors with an ax! It's hard to fussy cut with an ax.

Suzanne brought in her English Paper-Pieced flower block. It is all in the fabric selection and fussy cutting, and Suzanne did a wonderful job. EPP was very popular in the classroom yesterday.

Kathy is working on her Snow Globes quilt by Crabapple Hill.  Kathy's work is exquisite and I don't throw that word out too often.

Each block is absolutely precious.

I have the patterns sitting in my sewing room complete with all of the floss.  Maybe one of these days when I retire for real, I'll be making Snow Globes in the retirement home.

Judy is working on her Country Charmer blocks.  She has quite a few finished and is well on her way.  Each pattern includes a block layout sheet which has become very popular.

Irene is putting together a gorgeous basket of flowers for her Harvest of Hope quilt.  Irene fussy cut each and every flower petal out of one fat quarter.  Wonderful attention to detail!

Wendy is hiding behind the patchwork strips for her Mittens With Moxie.  She is so smart to start on Christmas projects now!  It will be here before we know it.

Doris is working on this sweet little applique project.  I love the sparks from the fire and the plaids she used to keep her little people warm.

Marti started her Once Upon A Vine quilt. Once you get the first block under your belt, it's all downhill fro there.  Marti learned how to make HST eight at a time, and Double Flying Geese four at a time.  So she actually has enough components for her second block already.

Snow Globe Kathy surprised us all with these adorable pincushions which she made out of bottle caps.  They looked good enough to eat!  So sweet and delicate.  We all thank you Kathy for your thoughtfulness.

There you have day at class with a fabulous group of women.  I wish you could all enjoy the companionship, camaraderie and creativity that is always in the classroom with "my girls".  It's not just a quilting class, it's a time to gather and share ideas, lend support, listen, laugh, and enjoy each other.  This class had become so popular, I'm adding two additional sessions on Tuesday February 3rd and Tuesday March 3rd.  I have a couple more spots available for those dates.  I would love to have the Sew'n Wild Oaks circle grow and be able to include more quilters.  You are guaranteed to have a good time!  But I can't promise everyone an adorable pincushion!



  1. I really missed you all yesterday! As always, your blocks and projects are wonderful! Wish I could have been there to see everything and everyone in person. Congrats to Judy for finishing the Country Corners quilt. It is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to try out this English Paper Piecing!

  2. I wish I still lived in the area.....I would join your group.....beautiful quilts are coming out of your class.....

  3. I always look forward to see what is going on your class and again they did not disappoint :-D

  4. I applaud everyone for their fabulous work! Just when I think I've seen it all, I am once again in shock and awe at all the gorgeous work. Hey - you might just have something in your Lizzie Borden block - perhaps you've coined a new quilting term in regards to boo-boo blocks!!! I know I'll be calling any of my oops the Lizzie Borden block from now on!

  5. Thx for sharing so much quilts inspiration! Especially the "Lizzy" and Snowglobes!

  6. So much Byoo-T-Full Eye Candy that I'm on the verge of a sugar coma!
    I love those snow globes too & want them on my To Do List! Kathy's new name should be Esquisita!

  7. Just so much eye candy!! I would love to come play with you gals.

  8. So many great projects! It's always fun to see all of the different LB blocks - each one is so unique and wonderful!