Monday, June 13, 2016

Heritage Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
The classroom at In Between Stitches was filled with nine very talented quilters diligently learning and working on their Heritage blocks Saturday.

A couple of the girls are making two Heritage quilts at a time.  One cuts, the other one sews.  I love the colorway they selected.  The teal and brown look so good together.  Quite a system they have going for them.

Here's part of their organizational skills.

Gail's blocks are coming together nicely.

No one in the class became a "pointless sister". They were so good about maintaining each and every point in their blocks. 

As usual I was asleep at the camera button and only caught six of the girls on camera. Two had already left for a graduation party, and one was still in the classroom.  Next time Irene!

Thank you all so much for a fun day, great food, and better yet, the companionship of quilters.



  1. Thank you for a fun, challenging and rewarding quilt design & class, Lynn! So much to learn and so much fun at the same time!!! Can't ask for more...

  2. Beautiful blocks! Can't wait to start mine....wish I had gone to this class.....missed everyone!

  3. Beautiful blocks all around!