Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sweat Shop Central

Greetings From the Cabin,
Lynn's sidekick Gail here (AKA "Ethel") from Sweat Shop Central.  Lynn has turned over the reins to me this morning for this post, at least until she rebuts what I have to say.  We have been open for business again the last several days as we have been CRANKING out blocks for a duplicate version of Butterscotch Baskets for RJR Fabrics in Lynnette Jensen's beautiful fabric line Autumn Landscape.

Now why would we want to do this, you ask?  Well, it seems that Butterscotch Baskets, after her popular debut in Salt Lake City last month, has taken a liking to this popularity and has "hit the road" first to Minnesota and then she will travel to "the land down under".  This wayward traveler could be in Australia through year end.  So by making a duplicate, we will have one to circulate here.

My job has been to work on the 80 Ohio Star blocks in this quilt.  I am getting help from "the boss", however.  She has cut out all the blocks and has paired up and marked the squares for the quarter square triangles.  Now why would she do this, you ask?  Well, I think she is feeling guilty because there is not a cookie to be found at the cabin!  It seems that "the boss" and Mr. Joe are on a diet.  I may have to raid Mazey's dog biscuits but I understand those are in short supply, too!

Note the iron in the photo below.  This is Lynn's iron.  Mine went up in smoke yesterday from over use!  We ended up with 24 Ohio Star blocks done with 8 more in various stages and "the boss" got 14 pinwheels done!  We are well on our way!

Note all the packages below.  This is my "homework" as Sweat Shop Central opens a branch office at my house in Benicia later today.

We did take a few strolls around the lake the last several days.  Poor little Mazey, Auntie Gail was holding onto her leash a little too tightly.  She looks like Popeye below.  Remember, I am a cat person and am not used to this dog walking stuff.  I hope she will forgive me.


Stay tuned as "Lucy and Ethel" hit the road next week for our longest road trip ever.  We will be on our way to Fortuna, way up near the Oregon border.  We are taking reinforcements, however, for this longer trip.  Mr. Joe and our cousin, Melody are going to join us.

Until next time, enjoy your quilting days, everyone!

Gail (Ethel)



  1. Hi Ethel! Sorry about the cookie situation. Like I always say, "If only I were closer" It occurs to me to tell you, it was my, for real, Aunt Ethel who taught me how to "root" Raggedy Ann yarn hair 'til I thought my fingers were going to fall off and she taught me how to do Counted Cross Stitch and to keep the back of my work as nice as the front. I got the perfectionist gene from her, I guess!

  2. Hi Ethel!!! You've been working too hard: and your iron seconds that opinion! :-) And Mazey, well, I'll bet she'll forgive you the Popeye look, knowing that you have to forgive her owner the lack of cookies!! :-) And if you need a cookie, stop here on your way to Fortuna (if you go via Hwy 101). I'll even drive over to the off ramp at the freeway to make sure you are well supplied! Is there a show in Fortuna? And Lynn What do you think of the Martelli round cutting mat? I've been pondering getting one. Have a great time sewing!! Hugs, H

    1. Yes, we are going up Hwy 101, Helen. Lynn and Mr. Joe are going up early. Our cousin and I are going up Thursday. Lynn has a guild talk that night and a workshop all day Friday. Haven't seen that part of the country in decades. Should be fun!

  3. You gals are having too much fun. Beautiful fabric selections and going to be pretty!
    On the cookies..... I cannot eat chocolate anymore - White chocolate does not have caffine, but I would love to have some cookies but they are not gluten free - Guess Mr Joe and I are in a pickle!!!!! Have a great week-end.

  4. No cookies, dog walking, dead iron, and homework - GEESH! Me thinks Lucy has some 'splenin' to do.

  5. love this pattern. Great post.

  6. Enjoyed everyone's comments! Thank you! Yes, I may have to renegotiate my cookie contract soon!

  7. I don't know who to feel more pity for: Mazey for the tight leash or Gail with NO COOKIES!!!!
    Safe travels on this new adventure to Fortuna!!!

  8. Now just a minute...aren't cookies diet food?? Talk about a sweat shop....great work you two! And Gail, you weren't holding Mazey's collar too tight, that was just her best "bear better watch out" sneer!

  9. Hi Gail! Glad you girls are working together and plotting a road trip - I bet it will be a blast. I am laughing at the pic of Mazey - I thought she was disgruntled about the dieting situation. Let me know if you need me to mail you some cookies. Looks like it's your turn to ration. Lynne gets a 1/2! Lol!

  10. Hi Gail! I think you should go on strike until freshly baked cookies are in the pantry! Love the quilt and another version will just be double the pleasure! Enjoy your Sweat Shop days...and now you even have a travelling one!