Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Road Trip

Hello Everyone,
When I said I needed a potty break.....this is NOT what I had in mind!  Mr. Joe has quite the sense of humor.  

We headed out early yesterday morning for our destination Fort Bragg, California via some Bay Areas back roads.  We never take a direct route and try to visit out of the way places, eat in local diners, and just plain bum around the beautiful California landscape. We arrived in Fort Bragg to this view outside our motel room.

 Dinner on the wharf.

 Our view from our dinner table while we watched the fishing boats return to home base.

More views from our motel.

Mr. Joe has always been the center of my world.  Instead of "hanging the moon" he's holding up the sun to light my way.


We were surrounded in beauty, from the sunset in front of us to the moonrise in back of us.

Love the reflection of the clouds on Pudding Creek.  I think I have a name for a new pattern.  Pudding Creek has a nice ring to it.

Here is the Strawberry Moon rising between the clouds.  What a great day of adventure, new roads, new towns, and today a new quilt shop!

Up early this morning for a morning walk.  As I walk, I am filled with gratitude of another day.  Life is so good. 




  1. It all looks beautiful. Have good trip xx

  2. Safe travels! Peace & contentment coming through clearly!!! :-)

  3. Beautiful photos, Lynn! Yes, it is a gorgeous place. Looking forward to catching up with you in Fortuna later in the week! In the meantime, have fun!

  4. I love Fort Bragg! I will be up there in August to see family. The Wharf is a good place for dinner. Did you make it to MacKerricher Park north end of Fort Bragg?

  5. Fort Bragg is SO beautiful ! Enjoy !

  6. Such a beautiful day. My husband and I are road trippers. Been on every back road wherever we are. They always hold the best memories.

  7. When you get Pudding Creek done, you need to take it back to Fort Bragg for a photo shoot. Don't forget to include the outhouse, ours poses with my quilts all the time!

  8. You are visiting paradise (the other one). There is a farmers market in FB on Weds afternoon and in Willits on Thursday. If you go look for Shamrock Artisan Cheese and say hi to Ana. I met her at The Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. Anyway, I bought a small piece of her goat feta which is too salty for me so I ate a little bit of it for months. It is the best real cheese there is. Good to see you playing as if quilting isn't!

  9. Woke up this morning and found your beautiful post. My grandmother was born there and I have distant relatives still there. Your pictures are beautiful - thank you for sharing them.