Thursday, June 23, 2016

Traveling Along the California Coast

Hello Everyone,
We started out our Tuesday with a visit to a quilt shop in Fort Bragg.

Then we made our way to Shelter Cove to spend the night with my former work colleague.

Shelter Cove is located in the Lost Coast.  I can see why since it is so remote and not easily accessible.

The Northern California coast is so rugged.  How would you like to live in the big white house? I loved the area, but I'm not sure I would want to make the drive into Shelter Cove on a regular basis.  The word of the day was "downshift" so the brakes don't overheat.  It is also fortunate that neither one of us on prone to carsickness.  I would have been "hurling" all the way down the hill!

There is a 25 mile hike along the Black Sand Beach Wilderness area.  Backpackers allow three days to make the trek.  In some areas they have to wait for the tide to subside before they can continue.  There are also many bear warnings posted.

We then drove over to Ferndale, the town known for it's Victorian homes.  The movie The Majestic was filmed here.  I loved that movie and now I'm going to have to watch it again.

We found a quilt shop!   Jacque and Sally welcomed us into their little slice of heaven in Ferndale.

It has a great classroom area lined in beautiful quilts.

Jacque made this wool applique.....spectacular! They offer it as a block of the month program.  If you are interested, and if the program is still available, you can call them at 707-786-5007.  The shop is so new they don't have a website yet.

These lockers make the cutest display area.  The nicely decorated shop is right up my alley.

Wonderful fabric selection.

I found this fabric to make a pillow for my granddaughter Harleigh.  Her pig, Kevin Bacon is headed to the county fair this Saturday.  She is so sad, her whole family is sad to say goodbye to their buddy who now tips the scales at 266 pounds.  He will go to the highest bidder on July 3rd.

We had a very relaxing lunch at the Victorian Inn.  So pretty, and quaint.

We drove up to Eureka, and Arcata to check the area out, then came back to our hotel in Fortuna.  We enjoyed our stroll down the Eel River walking trail last night.

My lecture is tonight for the Eel River Valley Quilters Guild, and the Patchwork Math workshop is tomorrow.  Maybe I should work on my talk today....NOT.  We are headed to drive The Avenue of the Giants which winds 37 miles through the stately coastal redwoods.



  1. Oh, My, Goodness! What a wonderful adventure! So picturesque, quaint and pristine. I think, though, if I was going to live so remotely, I'd have a helicopter on standby come the Tsunami or Zombie Apocalypse!! Or at the very least, Mazey to scare away the bears!

  2. It all looks beautiful, and what's more, it's probably a bear-free zone! I know your talk will go well tonight, and have fun tomorrow at the class.

  3. Bears? Did someone say BEARZZZ??? We took a loooong dark windy, twisty, switchbacky drive to the Ft. Bragg area the first time we visited Ca. Our future SIL had told us there was a glass beach somewhere in the area, but by the time we got that far, I was only interested in trying to find my land legs! I was somewhere between aggravated and relieved that the quilt shop was closed! All I wanted to do for awhile was stand in one place and wait for the world to stop moving! We did spend some quality time on the beach with Maecee and some very spoiled little local squirrels before heading north...another long dark creepy drive!

  4. You are using your time wisely!! What a beautiful area.....

  5. Well deserved vacation - and the scenery is lovely - I would have been walking down the hill - LOL
    Have a good week-end and class!

  6. Never heard of The Majestic but would be willing to give it a look. Would love to see the mighty redwoods. Maybe one day ...