Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up Time

Hello Everyone,
We had a great time in the mountains last week.  Now it is time to get back to work and start building again.

The little house are extremely addicting.

They are also a good use of the millions of scraps we all have in our sewing rooms.

I'm teaching Heritage in In Between Stitches on June 11th, so I've been preparing for class this week.  I always make a binder with "step-outs" of the blocks to walk quilters through the process.

The first Heritage was mainly in brown, red and green as you can see here.  The new one is going to be in black, gold, and reds with a lot of Kansas Troubles fabric in the mix.  I usually make two of everything.......sometimes three. 

Friday I'm packing up and Gail and I are heading to Santa Rosa to be vendors at the Moonlight Quilters Wine Country Quilt Show.  It is a large show, the largest one for me as a vendor, so I don't know quite what to expect or how much product to take with me.  Here is a picture of their incredible opportunity quilt.  Maybe I'll see some of you at the show this weekend.  It is always a good one.
I've had a ton of work to do this week to get ready for the show.  I'll have another full day of preparation and packing.  There is always so much to think of from printing and stuffing patterns, to gathering booth props together.  The props that I use come straight out of my house.  Good thing I have a master list to keep me on task.

While in the mountains, I had my first close encounter with a bear while Mazey and I were out for our morning walk about 5:30am on Tuesday.  We heard the bear before we saw it.  I was amazed that Mazey didn't make a peep.  Not one little growl or peep as we watched the bear.  We didn't hang around very long to observe the beautiful, golden bear.  We hightailed it back to the cabin in two shakes of a lamb's tail.  Mazey then stood out on the safety of the elevated deck and looked off into the woods for quite some time.  Poor thing had to hold her paws together for a couple of hours as I was too afraid to venture outside.  I actually felt lucky to see it just as long as it stayed a good distance away from us.

Our son was out fishing at O-Dark-Hundred on Saturday when a bear passed about 30 feet away from him at White Pines Lake, just a couple of miles from the cabin.  That got his adrenalin pumping!  The bear just wanted to do some early morning fishing too.  It crossed his mind to hand over his worms and make a hasty retreat either in the lake or by foot. As it was, he had the intestinal fortitude to just stay put.  He didn't inherit that trait from his mother!

Hope to see some of you this weekend. It is always so much fun when quilters introduce themselves to us.  We have such a good time meeting everyone of you.




  1. It's going to be fun to watch Heritage II come together! Can't wait to see progress.
    I love the little house with the snow on the roof!
    Hug Mazey for me! I know what it's like to have to hold my paws together!
    Maybe we shouldn't tell Sue about the bear sightings...just thinkin'.

  2. Heritage II will be pretty with those new colors.
    YUP - watch out for those furry animals ......
    Be safe and have a good show.

  3. I love your little houses! I checked but they have nothing for bears. Their products are approved for organic methods and will deter moles, voles, cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, armadillos. Now I can't figure out if it is better to be quiet (hear the bear) or noisy (scare the bear away) in the woods. I am glad you are safe!

  4. Nancie is soooo right, don't go telling me about those bears .....

  5. Have a wonderful time at the show! Your meeting with that bear is too close for my comfort...stay safe in the woods!

  6. Just remember REI has bear bells. We used them in Glacier and they work.

  7. glad your close encounter with the bear wasn't too close!!! And glad your son fared well also: that is one thing that i've always been afraid of when considering living in the woods! And how did the SRosa show end up for you? did you do well? I hope so!!
    Hugs, H

  8. I really love the original Heritage quilt - but it's going to be stunning in the new colors, too. :)