Friday, June 10, 2016

Wine Country Quilt Show Part Two

Hello Everyone,
As promised, here are a few pictures from the quilt show last weekend.  There were some beautiful quilts decorating the Veteran's Hall.

Helen Anderson was the very talented featured artist.  Her quilts were a joy to view.

This one was Mr. Joe's favorite. 

Here a just a few pictures of some of the other quilts.  I get so wrapped up in my booth, that I forget to walk around and take more pictures.  I loved the grey background!  It was striking and dramatic.

This Dear Jane quilt hung right across from us.  We had a nice view when we could peek through the crowds.

More good news for me on the quilting front.  As soon as I can publically announce the information, I will be singing it from the rooftops.  Well, maybe talking wouldn't want to hear me sing.

Hope your weekend strikes a nice chord.




  1. Beautiful quilts. I love the one before the Dear Jane. Excited to hear about your next "good news" xx

  2. I'm waiting with baited breath!

  3. Hello Lynn,
    Thank you for the pics of this beautyful quilts.
    xxx Doris

  4. Thank you for sharing the show pics (both days). Your booth set up is very inviting as well as the goods are a must go drool on anyway. Sure there is more fantastic news.

  5. Let me think...what could it be...I think I'll start a list Of possible wonderfulness and see if I an come up with a close guess!

  6. Whatever the news is, I know it will be fabulous (and hopefully what I'm waiting to hear)!