Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
Let's start your day with a smile and a mini quilt show from "my girls".  Barbara has a new beauty to add to her completely finished list of quilts.

In fact she has two quilts to add to her completely finished column. This is Barbara's family tree with family members names embroidered in the tree.  Trust me they are there even though you can't see them in this picture.

Suzanne stopped by the shop, and I asked her to debut her flimsy for us.  This was a block of the week offered by In Between Stitches.  She loved this quilt so much (for good reason), she made two of them.  She said the little blocks are very addicting.

Barbara G. put her borders on and added a flange to her Walk in the Park quilt.  Another beautiful quilt came out of the Let's Make a Diehl class.  What fun and a job well done!

Now we have Suzanne's little mini cutie just in time for Valentine's Day.

Kristi made this little guy using the new appliquick method of applique.  She really likes that method.

Melody is using her fabric layout sheet as she makes blocks for Scrappy Leaves.  This pattern is all about the placement of the background fabrics, and that is the purpose of the layout sheet.


Barbara B. is making good progress on her batik quilt.  During the last class, she just began work on the floral wreaths.

Isn't this the perfect fabric for a pineapple?

Valery finished her first block for Spoken For. I love the fussy cut flowers.

I prepared the parts and pieces for another Spoken For block for me!  I'm teaching this class at In Between Stitches on Saturday, February 25th.  Click HERE for more information. 

The new one is going to be entirely different than the first Spoken For while I combine reproduction fabrics with non-reproductions.  You know the saying, so many quilts, so little time. 

You've probably heard that California has been inundated with torrential rains.  We have gone from drought conditions over the past four/five years, to way too much rain.  Topping many news programs is the problem with Oroville Dam.  I lived in Northern California while that dam was built, so I watched it grow during my teenage years.  The dam looms over the town of Oroville like a beast ready to pounce.  Scary stuff.  I'm so glad the residents in the valley were able to return to their homes after they fled with little notice over the weekend.  Hopefully this next round of storms won't be as powerful as the storms at the beginning of the month.  Fingers crossed. Keep calm and quilt on.



  1. I see the beautiful work and I "hear" the laughter. Such good news that the Oroville residents wee able to return tho their homes.

  2. Beautiful projects. You and your gals are all so talented! I have been watching the news about the dam and will continue to hope for a successful fix and safety for all.

  3. Such beautiful quilts and such talented stitchers. I love the quilt in the first picture Barbara made, would you know the name of the pattern?

  4. They are all wonderful! Thanks for sharing.