Friday, February 3, 2017

The Blank Palette

Hello Everyone,
Lots of pictures and just a few word today as we are heading out to the venue for the Folsom Quilt show.  Little Miss Spoken For is making her debut today!

This is what we started with at noon yesterday.

By 3pm the space was all together and ready when we opened for business at 6:30 last night for guild members only.

This is me in my demo area just across the corridor from my space.

I am so thankful to so many people for helping me pull all of this together while I limped around.  Kaaren Babb, Patty Stahl, Jeannie Smith, my sister Gail, the entire staff at In Between Stitches, and of course Mr. Joe.  Mr. Joe has been tirelessly stuffing patterns, running errands, loading and unloading cars, and acted as my Uber driver.  I couldn't have done it without the help of a great group of people.

It's show time!



  1. That booth is amazing! What a lucky groups of quilters wh get to see it first! Enjoy the show and take care of that leg!

  2. It looks wonderful Lynn. Of course everyone rallied round to help, after all, you're always the first to offer your help to family and friends when they need it.xx

  3. Wow ! I so wish and you have heard this from me before...I so wish I was able to attend some of your shows ! Most beautiful fabrics, blocks, patterns, and the quilting !!!

  4. Beautiful set up. Wish I could see it in person. Maybe someday.

  5. What a sweet, good husband!! And your booth looks so warm and cozy: amazing what some lovely quilts will do with a plain table and a plain room!! Good luck with the show!!! Hugs, H

  6. I agree - your booth is just lovely and how lucky are those who can attend your show! Mr Joe and your other helpers did a wonderful job!!

  7. You are truly blessed to have such a group of helpers! Glad you're out & about! Hope you have a successful weekend!