Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spoken For is a Wrap

Hello Everyone,
The pattern for Spoken For is finished!  The fabric is in the shop! The patterns will be in the shop this afternoon! Kits are being made as we speak!

This poor quilt was derailed multiple times when I had to stop working on it to finish something else, or do something else, or be somewhere else.  While I was down for the count with the issue with my leg, I finished writing the pattern.

The fabric is Elizabeth's Dowry designed by Karen Styles for Marcus Fabrics.

The crocheted bedspread on the guest room bed is about 100 years old.  It is in beautiful shape.  I've kept is packed away for years.....but why?  Why not use it?  Who am I saving it for?  Every time I walk by this bedroom, I smile when I see this antique bedspread which was made by my Grandmother's friend, Nellie Welsh.

When I was growing up, we used to visit Nellie in her home in Paradise, CA.  I remember a very dark house with the shades pulled down low....rather depressing.  She always served us tea and cookies.  As Nellie aged, she could no longer live in her own place, and moved to a small nursing home just down the street from our Grandmother.  Her room was so small, she gave away all of the treasures she made throughout her life to our Mother and Grandmother.  She had no children, no living husband, no one to pass them down to. I do remember a crotchety old brother who scared me.  I don't know whatever happened to him.

I appreciate each and every stitch Nellie made.  I hope she knows that.

On another note, my living room is piled to the gills with 'stuff' to take to the 3-day quilt show in Folsom, CA this weekend.  The Lucy and Ethel caravan heads out tomorrow morning through rain, sleet, and snow with our vehicles full of goodies. My staff of gracious volunteers is going to meet us there. I couldn't have done this without the help of friends and family. Just last week I was afraid I was going to have to cancel my participation in the show. I'm SOOOO much better now!  Look out world......Lynn's back!

The girls at the shop have also been busily cutting and packaging kits, fat quarter towers, fat 1/8th bundles and who knows what else to fill my 30' booth. Come on by booth #17 and say hi. The booth is going to be adorable! I'll be demonstrating Patchwork Math throughout the entire show.

So today, get out a treasure you've been saving and use it, enjoy it, reflect on the person who it belonged to, and say a prayer of thanks and gratitude.




  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The quilt is beautiful. Funny, I was going to ask about the spread on the bed. I always wonder what quilters put on their own beds. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Spoken For turned out beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person. Will see you this weekend....glad you feeling much better and able to do the quilt show.

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  4. Spoken For is gorgeous, Lynn, and what a great photo! Nellie Welsh would be so pleased that you are using her bedspread on Mom's bed in your guest room! I looked closely at it last week when I was there and thought of Nellie and all the time it must have taken to make it! It's a true work of art, as is Spoken For!

  5. What a gorgeous masterpiece, Lynn! I love every aspect of it right down to the polka dot binding and your signature flanges! There is also nothing better than another masterpiece stitched with love an precision from a past era and should be put on display for everyone to admire! Good luck at the show. I'm sure you'll be so busy that that you won't even notice your leg!

  6. Spoken For is lovely and looks great on top of the crochet spread. I am glad you're feeling better and hope you have a good show. Take it easy and let the "staff" do all the work. xx

  7. Spoken For looks especially beautiful on the crocheted bedspread. They compliment each other1 And have a safe and profitable trip to Folsom... so tempting to go...Hugs, H

  8. I loved reading about your remembrances of Nellie and of your appreciation of her stitches. It's wonderful to know that even though she is gone, she hasn't been forgotten. Your new quilt is absolutely lovely!! Also very happy to hear you a feeling better. Look out Folsom quilt show - Lucy and Ethel are coming....!!! :)

  9. Soul candy...your post is just pure soul candy.