Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Let's Make a Diehl" Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
The walls in the classroom were beautifully decorated with Kim Diehl projects during my "Let's Make a Diehl" class.  The depth of color was spectacular.
Suzanne is on a roll with her creations from the Simple Whatnots program.

The Simple Whatnots programs always offer an interesting or new technique.

I'm visualizing cross-hatching in the border.

Cindy made this beauty using homespuns.

Here's another one of Cindy's quilts made with homespuns.

We also worked on Journey's End, which is all of the little houses.  We ran out of room on the walls! Journey's End is a BOM offered by In Between Stitches.  The blocks are fun and easy.

My version of Walk in the Park is below the houses. 

I still have to quilt this one.  It didn't make it under the needle before Christmas.

Gail is really cranking out her blocks for Walk in the Park.

More Journey's End blocks.


Today I get to stay home......home sweet I've missed you!  I get a chance to reacquaint myself to my sewing room, which is an absolute mess!  It is also time to get caught up on some paperwork for the pattern business, emails, and I should spend some time on taxes.  Yes, it is that time again.

My leg is so much better, and I'm slowly getting back to normal.  There are times when I have to remind myself that I still need to take it easy.  That just isn't in my DNA.....there are too many quilts to make!



  1. love, love, love all the eye candy. Glad to hear you are getting better.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you're getting better, and so sorry to hear it's "that" time again. Our deadlines for tax are different, so I usually find myself doing the returns between Christmas and New Year.

  3. Being that all we see up in our neck of the woods is white so far this year, I'm delighted and amazed at all the wonderful color around the classroom!
    Glad you're doing better, Lynn! I totally sympathize with that urge to want to get things done rather than take it easy! Hope you had a wonderful day at home!

  4. Glad you are getting better - now continue to slow down and get over this hurdle!
    Pretty quilts and blocks! Take care

  5. Glad your leg is better! I absolutely love everything in your post. Kim's quilts are all on my "someday" list! Can't wait to see her new book.