Saturday, February 18, 2017

Just a Tease

Hello Everyone,
Just a tease this morning to give you an idea how the borders are going to look on Prairie Flower.

I got all of the pieced borders together and the little strip of rust sewn on the quilt when the power went out.  Since I couldn't sew, I cut up the remaining fabrics and started working on my pieced backing.

Here is a picture of the pieced corner block that didn't make the cut.  In the grand scheme of the quilt, it just looked funny....almost lost.  Mr. Joe even weighed in on the subject, and he liked the pinwheel block better too.  I really had to sharpen up my math and drafting skills to create this block.  It was a good exercise in futility.

It sounds like I'd better quilt like crazy today.  The atmospheric river or pineapple express is headed our way Sunday night into Monday.  We are going to be pelted again with rain and wind.  I have to get myself over to Sonora on Tuesday to teach a full Patchwork Math at Quail's Next Quilt Company.  I may have to break out the kayak and paddle.
If you don't hear from me in a few days, I'm probably relaxing on the couch and reading during a power outage.  Or I'm taking Mazey for a walk in the rain and wind.  She's just like a little kid and loves to play in the puddles.  Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. You are the most creative tease I've ever known! Enjoy your class - hope you can take pictures. It's so fun to see the different interpretations.
    Stay safe...

  2. My dog Gracie LOVES the puddles too! She's pit bull, lab retriever, golden retriever, and various other breeds all mixed up into a luxuriously soft, golden, 70-pound mutt!

    Love the looks of your quilt. Stay safe. You might want to think about building an ark! HA!

  3. I like the pinwheel block too... Don't wash away in the rain.

  4. I like the pinwheel block too And I hope you stay dry and have a safe drive to Sonora. I love that town! I've got to go there and check out the quilt shop! :-) Hugs, H