Monday, February 20, 2017

Officially a Flimsy

Hello Everyone,
Prairie Flower is a flimsy!

I must have made it for this bed since it fits perfectly.  Now I wonder what guests are going to be sleeping under her?

I put a flange on most of my quilts.  This one is no exception.  It's all about the details.  Just this little 1/8" of color adds so much to the look of the quilt.

Doesn't the border look like a soft chocolate swirl ice cream cone?

Of course Mazey wanted to get into the picture.  This quilt was too large for the design wall, so it spent a fair bit on time on the floor so I could measure, measure, and measure again while preparing the borders.  I found myself stitching her dog hair into the seams more than once.  I know it was her hair since it is much longer than mine! 

I'm plotting my machine quilting for this one.  I have a good idea what I'm going to do and it is going to be pretty intense, both the quilting and the time involved.  I love to machine quilt when I have the right mind set for creativity.  Since I'm under a deadline, to get this completed and shipped off for a photography session, my mind set had better shape up pronto! 

Many have asked if this is going to be a pattern, and the answer is yes.  I have some of it written already, but that will be my main task in March.  I also have to calculate the fabric requirements which isn't trivial.

I'll work on the backing today as long as the power stays on.  It's coming down in buckets right now and the winds are starting to kick up.  It is pretty amazing to see just how far the pine trees can bend in the wind without snappy like a toothpick.  It is also a little scary. Yet ANOTHER major rain event is hitting California today.  Thousands are on standby evacuation orders as many rivers are spilling over their banks.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Sonora to teach.  You know the phrase, "Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise".  Keep warm and safe today.




  1. Prairie Flower is beautiful, Lynn. Congratulations on another worthwhile tease! Now about that chocolate soft swirl cone...Cabin Fever??? Is there a Dairy Queen or Foster Freeze in Sonora???

  2. Oh have done it again! An absolutely stunning quilt! Congrats on a gorgeous finish and please stay warm and safe.

  3. Just stunning, Lynn! I wonder if Mr. Squash and I will sleep under her someday? I know anyone who does will spend a lot of time oohing and aching her before they close their eyes! Sure hope none of those trees decided to bend over too far onto your roof! We love a good storm, but a SAFE one at the same time!

  4. Pretty! Do you have a long arm or do you quilt on a domestic? Sounds like you are up and going again!

  5. This is a gorgeous quilt! I love how you've used to blocks to create a stunning overall pattern.

  6. Another beautiful quilt! I can't wait to see how you quilt it, you do such gorgeous work!

  7. Good luck at your teaching gig!! I hope the weather holds for your trip tomorrow. And this new quilt is just lovely!! You certainly have a wonderful eye when it comes to designing and putting together quilts!! Hugs, H

  8. It's only February, but I already know what my favorite quilt of the year is going to be!! Prairie Flower is stunning! Can't wait for the pattern.