Friday, March 2, 2018

Country Sampler is Quilted

Hello Everyone,
I spent the last two days in the machine quilting room working on this quilt.  There is something to be said for making smaller quilts.  It only took me about 12 hours to quilt this one instead of my usual 40 hours.

I've been dragging it around as a flimsy to all of my patchwork math workshops for the past three years!  The quilt contains the components that are in my Patchwork Math book, available HERE on Etsy.

Better late than never to quilt it.  Now I have to work on the binding and write the pattern.  My favorite part about this quilt is the lattice sashing.  The lattice sashing is easily made, any size by changing the size of the component.

I'll be teaching this quilt on the Quilt Cruise to Alaska in July.....which will be here before you know it!  I have just a couple openings in this class, and only one opening in my second class, a mystery quilt.  (Because it's still a mystery to me!)  Actually my second class for the return journey is going to reinforce all of the Patchwork Math skills.  The phrase Patchwork Math on steroids is rattling around in my brain.  It is going to be a fun cruise.
My mystery quilt is going to contain several Eagle's Nest blocks.  It's definitely going to have an Alaskan theme.

Now to get back to the Country Sampler quilt.  This is going to be a true "learning the techniques" quilt.  The first block focuses on Half-Square Triangles, and how to make them 8 at a time.  This is the final layout.

Here are the HST that I made for the block.

Here are variations of the block using the same components.  The possibilities are endless.

Today I'm going to focus on the prep work for my Patchwork Math workshop in San Rafael for the Mt. Tam Quilt Guild.  This is a whole new market for me on the other side of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is always a pleasure to meet new quilters and share ideas and knowledge.



  1. I just can't wait to be cruisin' and quilting'! We're gonna have a grand old time!

  2. Funny you mention the 8-at-a-Time method for HSTs. I just starched up my fabrics and plan on having a mess of squares prepped and ready for making tons of HSTs at my upcoming retreat. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful designs made with so many HSTs. Seems the possibilities are endless!

  3. I love your Patchwork Math quilt! Beautiful!! And are you going to be doing a presentation at Mt Tam Guild as well as your workshop? If so, I'd love to come and listen to you! When is it? Hugs, H