Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Patchwork Math Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
I was in San Rafael last Saturday for a Patchwork Math workshop for the Mt. Tam Quilt Guild.  The group was so nice!  We had a great day!

This pictures doesn't due justice to the beautiful views outside.  There was also a lot of beauty on the inside of the classroom too!

Gail and I had the design wall up against a window, which made the blocks appear to be stained glass.  This was perfect, since we were in a church.

Here's a small sampling of their work.


 Thank you all for be so welcoming!  Gail and I had a wonderful day spent with you.

We waited for the roads to be plowed, and drove back to the cabin on Sunday.  The 3' berm was like cement.  The lump in the driveway is another car which we should have put in the garage before we left! 

The snow blower and Mr. Joe made quick work of the driveway, and we got the car tucked into the garage.

My job is shoveling our way down to the cabin.  Notice I say down, since we are located on a hill.  The sun was starting to set while we worked and the temperatures dropped.  We got the fire going, and we were snug as two bugs in a rug in no time at all.

Today I'm off to Quail's Nest Quilting Company in Sonora to teach Grammy Squares.  I'm teaching it again on the 21st for those on the waiting list.  I always make at least one block before a class just as a refresher for my brain.  The blocks are so addictive, I couldn't make just one!  If I teach this class often enough, I'll have enough blocks for a whole new quilt!


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  1. What a beautiful place to teach! Looks like Mr. Joe and you deserve extra dessert for knocking down all that snow!